And here y’all thought I was going to complain…

Not today.Okay, earlier today, but not now, even though the sun is creeping up and into the window I'm sitting in front of and making it darned near impossible to work because I CAN'T SEE...Nope, still not complaining. I am instead starting a new way of working - may or may not have asked permission… Continue reading And here y’all thought I was going to complain…

New Year, New You? Nope.

So how many of you (admittedly, 5-6) Lettuce Readers have already given up on the New Year's Resolutions that you made a few weeks ago? Yeah, me too. The difference is that my resolutions were actually achievable this time - set out your clothes for work the night before, make sure that the coffee pot… Continue reading New Year, New You? Nope.

Well, that escalated quickly.

[Disclaimer: Nothing like that, no books were harmed in the making of this post. It's just that my nano has taken off again, rather like a house - or, in this case, book - on fire. Book burning is still awful and closed-minded and useless. Don't do it. Read. There we go.]So for a few days,… Continue reading Well, that escalated quickly.

(Not actually on the) Bus Poetry v4

DismantledPiece by pieceI'm taken apartThe sum of my partsWeighed. Measured. Found wanting.Not enoughNever enoughThe parts don't matterUntil they add up to respectThe sum of the parts is a colleague, an equal.The sum of the parts commands respect.I'm being dismantled.First go the desks and then the wallsThe shelves and the drawersThe kettleThe tea towelAll taken apartBecause… Continue reading (Not actually on the) Bus Poetry v4