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Nancy is a multi-genre fantasy writer who has been creating stories since she was a child.

She lives and works in the Upstate area of South Carolina with her husband, Simon, Irish Wolfhounds Bryn and Ciaragh, and her terrier mix, Willow-Pickle.

Check out the links to Nancy’s blogs – Isn’t the Lettuce Brave?, for more of her ramblings, and Well Read which is a book blog with Nancy’s thoughts on her ever-growing “To Be Read” pile.

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Buckle up, fellow sci-fi/fantasy lovers, this one is a rough ride! If you haven’t read the first in the Nature Walker series STOP! What are you doing. Who taught you to read? Honestly, I’m concerned.

All joking aside, if you haven’t read the first book and developed a relationship with the characters, you may have a hard time getting through this book. It gets a little dark at times, but trust me! I can’t say much because no one likes spoilers, but I am if even more invested in the story of Gin than I was when I finished the first one. Well worth a read!

-Amazon Reviewer

Tempest: Fall of the Nature Walker

Love this, it is a must read! If you have not read the series to date you are missing out!!

-Amazon Reviewer

Darkness: A Guardians of Orana Novel