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Nancy lives and works in the Upstate area of South Carolina with her husband, Simon, Irish Wolfhounds Bryn and Ciaragh, and her terrier mix, Willow-Pickle. Nancy is a nationally certified American Sign Language/English interpreter and a writer who has been creating stories since she was a child.

Her Orana Chronicles series begins with the Nature Walker Trilogy – Wanderer: Origin of the Nature Walker, Tempest: Fall of the Nature Walker, and Guardian: Rise of the Nature WalkerIgnite and Scorch: Tales of the Forest War is a prequel duology in the Orana universe that goes back two hundred years before the events of the Nature Walker Trilogy to the Forest War, a pivotal point in the history of Orana. The next chapter in the Orana Chronicles takes place after the Nature Walker Trilogy. The Guardians of Orana series launched in June of 2021 with Darkness. The second novel, Red, is due out in January of 2022. Watch this space for more information on this new series that will reunite readers with their favorite characters from the Nature Walker Trilogy for all-new adventures.

The World of Arcstone is a departure from the epic fantasy genre of the Orana Chronicles. This litRPG introduces readers to Madelyne Laurent, a gamer who is desperate to escape her real life and discovers that nothing in her beloved online world is as it seems. Rift is available in paperback and Kindle and is currently available to read for free via Kindle Unlimited. The second book in the series is Nancy’s Nanowrimo project for 2021.

And now for something completely different: Check out the Luminous Beings series, following sisters Lucy and Annie Boyd and their adventures in Victorian Yorkshire…solving crime and keeping the peace between the worlds of the fae and the humans. Available on Amazon from October of 2021.

Proud Racer, Nancy’s first series – published more than a decade ago – follows the lives of her ‘Proud Racers,’ her retired racing greyhounds, told in their own words. The Clobberpaws series tells the tale of her Irish Wolfhounds, again from their perspectives.

Check out the links to Nancy’s blogs – Isn’t the Lettuce Brave?, for more of her ramblings, and Well Read which is a book blog with Nancy’s thoughts on her ever-growing “To Be Read” pile.

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