The Orana Chronicles


Final Book Cover

The Nature Walker Trilogy begins with Wanderer.

It has been 200 years since the Forest War divided the races, pitting elf against elf, dragon against dragonkind, and the Nature Walker, highest of all the druids of the Great Forest, has gone missing without naming a successor. The balance of the world has been thrown off kilter. Welcome to Orana, where a menace prowls the Great Forest by night and no one in the Tree City nor the High Citadel is safe. A young wood elf named Gin who has barely begun her studies as a druid finds herself thrown into the wider world beyond the Forest. Can she find a way to tame the wilds of her world, righting old wrongs and bringing centuries’ long enemies together?

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The Nature Walker Trilogy continues with Tempest.

It’s easy to lose your way when revenge is your compass. The tension is building in the Outlands of Orana. A long forgotten dragon continues his search for the Nature Walker. Gin and Sath go their separate ways, spurred on by the machinations of the wizard, Taeben, and the Fabled Ones splinter further as a result. As Sath begins to build a life far from the royal comforts of the palace of Qatu’anari and Taeben moves even closer to realizing his dream of ruling all of Orana, Gin’s younger sister Lairky decides – against her better judgment – to reunite the druid and the exiled prince. Will the magical forces keeping them apart be more than one wood elf can overcome? The journey begun in Wanderer continues in Tempest, book two in the Nature Walker Trilogy.