The Orana Chronicles

This series begins with the Nature Walker TrilogyWanderer: Origin of the Nature WalkerTempest: Fall of the Nature Walkerand Guardian: Rise of the Nature Walker

Ignite and Scorch are a prequel duology in the Orana universe that go back two hundred years before the events of the Nature Walker Trilogy to the Forest War, a pivotal point in the history of Orana. They are also available in a combined volume, simply titled The Forest War.

The next chapter in the Orana Chronicles takes place after the Nature Walker Trilogy. The Guardians of Orana series launched in June of 2021 with Darkness. The second novel, Red, launched in January of 2022, and the third, The Temple, in November of 2022. Watch this space for more information on this new series that will reunite readers with their favorite characters from the Nature Walker Trilogy for all-new adventures.