Luminous Beings

Coming, October of 2021…A magical detective tale set in Victorian Yorkshire. Irish mythology meets the Industrial North through a deadly underwater gorge. Sisters Lucy and Annie must find their roots to save West Riding from an ancient threat.

The West Riding of Yorkshire, 1890: The Industrial Revolution has changed the face of God’s Own County. Textile mills dot the landscape, bringing farmers in from the fields to work the large looms. The countryside has blossomed into city life. Deep under the verdant fields of the Yorkshire Dales, the rift between the fairy and human realms lies protected by a dangerous stretch of the river Wharfe known as the Strid, as it has for hundreds of years. The balance, largely unbeknownst to the humans of Yorkshire, continues as it always had – until ancient foes bring their war to the human realm.

Lucy and Annie Boyd, left orphaned when their parents died under mysterious circumstances, have long since learned to fend for themselves. As The Baskervilles, they are beginning to strike out on their own, solving the mysteries of their village and surrounds. In their biggest case yet, they must figure out who is killing the children of the mills before more of them fall victim.

Can Yorkshire survive the collision of these ancient enemies?

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