Slow Gin

My concept drawing of my character, Ginolwenye, from the Nature Walker Trilogy.[Disclaimer - wannabe authorly post ahead. Read at your own risk.]It seems that I am constantly in edits. The first part of the Nature Walker Trilogy, Wanderer, took me fourteen years to write. Now, mind you that was not fourteen years of writing every day… Continue reading Slow Gin

Post Camp (Nano) Blues

You don't know how many times I have tied that same canoe up to that same dock.When I was a kid and went to Camp Glisson, I would always be out of sorts for the first week or so afterward. I loved camp SO MUCH that I couldn't bear to be back home, and it would… Continue reading Post Camp (Nano) Blues

It’s here! Guardian: Rise of the Nature Walker

Well, I have to say that almost two decades ago, when I first started playing an MMORPG, I never would have guessed that experience would lead to the gorgeous book cover over there. Even a decade ago, when the late nights, guild raids, and TeamSpeak chats were just a happy memory, I was sitting on… Continue reading It’s here! Guardian: Rise of the Nature Walker

Writing a Writerly Post, Vol 1

They didn't know they were a cliché, clearly.There's a theory going around that all Disney movies have one thing in common in their storytelling - dead/missing parents. Look at the ones that stand out in your mind, the classics: Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping least Sleeping Beauty's parents died because she was asleep for so… Continue reading Writing a Writerly Post, Vol 1