Deep and crisp and…very uneven.

So I’m sure that you’ve all been wondering how our Just the Two of Us Christmas went, haven’t you? All five or so of you Lettuce Readers, your patience has paid off…see that photo there? That’s pretty much how I’ve spent this Christmas.

I have not been ill. Wonder of wonders, I did not fall up or down any stairs and find myself bedridden as a result. The dog next to me in the photo is not ill. We have just been afflicted with, as they say here, “I Can’t Be Arsed” as far as anything constructive goes. Simon and I have slept in every day since Saturday (we didn’t make it to consciousness until well after 9am on Christmas morning) and stayed up until the wee hours of the morning every night since. Tomorrow will be a shock as we’re both going into work…me because I have to and him because he needs to top up his flexi-time balance.

Christmas came and went, and was an extremely emotional day for me. I think the overwhelming Not Wanting To Be In England somehow collided with the equally mind-numbing This Might Be My Last Christmas while LIVING In The UK and they got tangled up in I Can’t Afford To Give What I’d Like To Loved Ones. It wasn’t pretty, but at least the episodes were brief.

Now, turning to the loot…we were all very lucky, including Daisy who got a small pink monkey that she has summarily ignored ever since. Mills received an orange and purple scratching pad that he hugs and rubs his head on before returning to the carpet to clean his claws.

We haven’t gotten the snow that the BBC warned us we would, but instead had several hours of very loud, very heavy and very frozen rain last night. However, all is as it was before outside and cars are blaring their stereos as they cruise down our street today…or maybe that’s the music in the SimCity game Simon got for Christmas. Hard to say.

So yeah, that’s our Holiday Tale, full of food and bad telly and staying in bed…which is where I am now, as I write this, looking very much like the photo above only without the greyhound appendage. Next stop, New Year’s Eve followed by our second wedding anniversary and THE ARRIVAL OF MY KINDLE.

What? I forgot to mention that I got a Kindle for Christmas, courtesy of my parents giving us money rather than sending us gifts through the unreliable and always delayed post? Oops. You can bet that will have its own blog post when it gets here. I might even give it a name.

Happy New Year, y’all. Stay tuned for a review of my NY resolutions from last year that might have come true…maybe a little, anyway.

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