So, I almost made it…

View from Our Back Garden
Originally uploaded by Nancy Dunne

The plan was that I would go to the grocery store today to get some food for the dogs and for me and Simon for tea tonight. There were several hitches in that plan.

1. We have no car.
2. It started to rain.

I altered the plan to go to the grocery store and butcher across the street from our house. As with all good plans, there were hitches there as well.

1. It started to rain.
2. The butcher has a beaded curtain across what I can only assume is the front door.
3. The “grocery” is really more like a convenience store in the states.

When I couldn’t figure out the door I did what I always do in a crisis. I ran away, all the way back home.

And just because it’s England, when I shut the door (and shut off the faulty alarm, which was blaring like a foghorn) the sun came out. I may yet try again…but it would just be to Morrison’s on the bus this time…if I can catch the bus.

Why don’t grocery stores that deliver in this country have same day service?

And with that, I have officially become SAD. Happy Friday, y’all.

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