One month down…almost

on the bus
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Today Simon and I took the dogs to my sister in law Louise’s house for a BBQ. It was fine and a good time was had by all (his family have been so welcoming to me!) but that was the easy part.

We walked a mile to the train station with me watching Hunky’s every step and being positive that he was going to fall over with exhaustion before we got halfway there. No such thing happened, and before I knew it we were waiting for the train.

Two train changes later we were on the train from Leeds to Wakefield, then in Louise and Gareth’s cars heading for her house (they were incredibly kind to come pick us up, especially since it required two cars, one dog per car). Lovely food, lovely conversation, and totally worn out dogs…and we caught the train back to Leeds and then to Keighley.

The final part of the adventure was getting them onto a bus to go back from the train station to our house. We walked over to the bus station and waited for our bus, then headed home. Hunky got a chorus of laughter on the bus when he unceremoniously flopped down onto the floor of the bus as if to demonstrate that he was DONE with the entire journey.

We’ve been home for about two hours now, and I am, as Simon would say, absolutely shattered. The dogs are as well…they got some treats at the BBQ so we’re skipping dinner tonight and I don’t think they’ve been awake enough to even notice.

In other news…they have been here for a month yesterday, and in five days I’ll have my first month in the UK under my belt. The job search is slow, but I’ve gotten some leads on library jobs that would be loads of fun. We’ll see. Simon and I are going to America on 22 June and while he will return on 29 June I’m there till 7 July, so I’m pretty stoked about that. For the first time, when we arrive at Manchester Airport I won’t be sobbing like a fool, because we’ll be on the plane together. It’s the little things…

Little things like using my new UK debit card for the first time and remembering the PIN…making it to Morrison’s and back on foot with groceries…having a fantastic conversation with my sister in law about a book that we both LOVE…it’s starting to feel like home.

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