DayGlo Nan and other Mall Induced Trauma

This, gentle readers, is what happens when Nancy is forced to wander through a MALL while waiting for the oil to be changed and the new windshield wipers to be installed on her Honda. This howling mass of orange and fuschia and yellow. This tangerine colored shirt that can only be described as possibly having its own power source or “something that can double as a night light.” Even Daisy is simultaneously shocked and awed by Mommy’s getup, and can only stand by, gazing in cornea-ripping horror at the sheer Bright-Ness of my clothing.

Yeah, I’ve got NO room to comment on MCD’s Lelli Kellys now. None.What.So.Ever.

Did I mention the skirt is twirly? It’s twirly. Very. I’m off now to see what happened to the REAL me.

3 thoughts on “DayGlo Nan and other Mall Induced Trauma”

  1. hold on.. I gotta get my sunglasses.Okay – now that\’s better. I like it – nice to see you in some brighter colours. Oh my gosh, I have just become my mother.Nevermind!:)

  2. You seem so surprised by what so many people are wearing right now. Do you avert your eyes when you see that color on everyone else?And twirly is good and comfortable and nice to wear. You look great!And if you have to get up before dawn to let dogs out, you\’ll be able to find your shirt!

  3. Smarties, both of ya! Actually I\’m thinking that I may put a different shirt with the skirt to tone it down a bit, then wear the shirt with a solid color skirt or something to tone IT down.And no, I don\’t notice what others are wearing around me because for most of the work week those are inpatients in a psych hospital…but come to think of it…sometimes their outfits DO look like this… LOL

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