Steam Revisited

Remember this post? Where I blew off some steam? Well, time for another release. Might wanna stand back.

Don’t stare me down in the hallway. What you might have heard in my voice was not my message. Those weren’t my words. I have no use for the daggers that you hurl at the back of my head with your eyes when you think I’m not looking, the head waggling and giggling with your co-workers when I walk down your hall, nor do I have use for the curt tone when I interpret for you.

And yeah, I said for you, because as I stated before I’m not even sure that you have a firm grasp on the English language, so I’m positive you can’t sign.

Don’t tell me that you didn’t lose your temper when I clearly heard you yell. I’m one of three people on this ward that can hear, so trying to split me on that issue doesn’t work so well. However, if you keep up that volume much longer you may have your way.

Screaming in my ear does not make me understand you better. If it doesn’t work for the deaf staff I’m pretty sure it won’t work for me.

Looking smug when you are able to “translate” a document written in Deaf English doesn’t make you look anything but stupid when you still “translate” it wrong.

And for the gazillionth time, snapping your fingers at me to get my attention is not going to be any more effective for me than it would be for a dog, which must be what you think of me. I have a name, ya know? It’s on the huge nametag on my chest.

And further, to the Finger Snapper, if you see that I’m involved in doing something with a patient it is NOT the right time to demand that I help you find a staff person. Ever heard of “patients come first?”

Ugh. And yet, the thought that in two days I’ll walk out of here for the last time and not see some of my co-workers again fills my eyes with tears if I dwell too long…

4 thoughts on “Steam Revisited”

  1. Have you shared these thoughts with the one who brings out these feelings in you? I mean, at this point what are they going to do, fire you?

  2. Some yes, some no. Those were all at different people…yesterday was just kind of a different kind of day. Besides, once I blow off the steam here, I\’m fine. The head-waggler knows exactly how I feel about her, as does the finger-snapper. I was as cheeky as I could be without getting written up for it on both occasions and it was GOOD. 🙂

  3. if someone snapped their fingers for me – oooooh – that would pretty much ensure that i\’d never pay them attention.. i\’m glad you\’re outta there soon….

  4. You and me both. Narrowly missed the splash back today from a cup of water being tossed in the face of a nurse. Weeee what fun what fun!!!

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