A bit of sunshine

I’m currently in a holding pattern. My current employer is trying to match the offer I’ve gotten from the new job in Georgia…and honestly, I hope that he will be able to do so. The difference between moving up the road to Greenville where I know people and moving out of state to Georgia where I don’t know anyone really but my sister and her husband is daunting. Not that I wouldn’t want to live near Susan and Dave, but…I’m just becoming quickly overwhelmed by this whole process.

Not to mention Greenville would be closer to Jeany, who will be going to live with her Daddy, and closer to the Carolina Renn Fest which is an absolute passion of mine…

I talked with my mom on the phone yesterday…she’s been the person I figured would have the most objection to me remaining in South Carolina…and she was okay with me making the decision that’s best for me. Pretty darned pleased about that.

Now we wait to see what the offer is…

2 thoughts on “A bit of sunshine”

  1. See… I hope you get the news you want/ need. I know what you mean about being reticent regarding having too many changes at one time (remember 2001?). Even if it doesn\’t work out Atlanta/ Decatur is not THAT bad of a place, epecially since it was rated as one of the most \’target rich\’ environments for single women!/em crosses fingers (hehe)

  2. Sounds like a good plan… as has been mentioned– you are going through major amounts of life changes right now- and if you can control the amount of them all at once- that might make things a little easier to swallow – baby steps. Although…. you cant fault a girl for saying i\’ll bet you\’ll make a TON more money living up here and we could split rent – itd be cheaper for both of us /evil grin

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