A Moment of Freedom

I got my new debit card yesterday.

To most that is a tiny thing, but to me it’s HUGE. The name at the bottom of the card is Nancy E Allen.


When the divorce is done, I’m taking my maiden name back, and it will take an act of bloody CONGRESS for me to change it again. To me, that represents who I am. The young woman that wants to be someone’s mom. The young woman who kinda got lost for the past 7 years. But no more…she’s coming back.

The debit card is the first step toward that freedom…freedom to be who I really am.

Nancy Elizabeth ALLEN.

4 thoughts on “A Moment of Freedom”

  1. GO NAN!!! I had the same exact feeling with my name after my divorce. I nearly had to hire my own lawyer to get it changed because my ex\’s lawyers said that he had not requested it. That the papers would have to be re-written and approved by the judge etc. I said \”I DONT CARE- DO WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!\” I felt the same way when I took my divorce papers around to the social security office and got my ID card changed, got my license re-issued, got my passport changed, got my bank account in MY OWN name. Yes, it will take an act of congress to change it ever again!!!GO NAN GO NAN GO NAN GO NAN GO NAN

  2. IF Chip evers decides to file for divorce, I will keep his last name…mostly for Katherine. So much easier.But right now…the name that I have used for 10 years doesn\’t feel like my own. I\’m just Nadine. Nothing else.

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