Another Addendum

Remember what I said about jinxing it?

The cheaper of the two prospects responded that they prefer tenants to only have 2 animals, and they have $150 non-refundable pet fee per animal. She then went on to ask how many I had, what size, and what breed. I’m sure that when she sees “greyhound” she’ll think “horse” and 3 cats…well, needless to say I wrote her back, thanked her for her time, and said I didn’t think I was a good match for that apartment.

The house, however…

Once again, trying not to jinx it…but I have been invited to call for a time to go see it as it has not yet been spoken for!! I’m hoping to go Sunday, and take Amy (oldest and dearest friend) and maybe even Susan (my beautiful sister) and Dave (her husband) with me. It’s sooooo cute, and so close to everything to which I need to be close. I’m very excited…but not too excited. Hear that, Karma? Not tooooo excited…

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