Is it Karma or just really good luck?

So I wander over to one of my favorite haunts on the internet, one of my greyhound message boards, and I find a post from one of the members about how she’s selling some furniture via Craig’s List and it’s going well. I decided to look around the Atlanta version just to see what they had, and clicked on the real estate/apartments/etc. link.

I found two of the most fantastic properties for rent!!! Just gorgeous, both allow cats and dogs… Part of me is saying it’s too good to be true, and part is saying that it’s fate. I get a job back home in Georgia, making 10k more than I am now…and I find not one but two places that are close to where I need to be that allow me to keep my animals!! And they are rentals…so no yard work…even on the one that’s a house, the owner does the yard work.

I just hope they email me back. I’m so afraid to be too happy and jinx it, but the absolute perfectness of these two places is just unbelievable. Someone up there seems to be looking out for this wayward child after all…

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