I have a question…

Dunstanburgh Castle by Nancy Dunne
Dunstanburgh Castle, a photo by Nancy Dunne on Flickr.

Or several, actually. I’m thinking a lot about the vote yesterday in NC that added an amendment to the constitution of that state which legal defines marriage to be between one man and one woman. To be honest I’m pretty disappointed.

Of all the southern states, I always thought of NC as being sort of progressive, at least in parts. Charlotte and Raleigh seemed to me to be kind of like Greenville and Charleston in SC…small pockets of sense in an otherwise right-wing religious led extremely conservative state. I had hope for NC, that NC would not make the same divisive and exclusionary decisions that the other southern states have made. Oh well.

I heard on the radio this morning a woman speaking from a victory party last night in which the refreshments included a wedding cake. She said they were thrilled that the amendment had passed because the same-sex marriage ban they already had was okay, but that marriage needed more protection.

Protection? From what? Roving gangs of monogamous, committed, same-sex couples? I truly do not understand her statement.

And this morning…this morning I am sad for all the families that face being discriminated against or having their rights to support each other and be a part of each others’ lives taken away…seriously? Is the group that is so threatened by couples that love each other and raise their families in loving homes…jealous? Maybe?

Ugh. Disgusted. That’s about all.

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