Hunky died of a probable heart attack this morning around 9:30am BST (4:30am EST). More later. My only comfort is that these two are together again…what a reunion that must have been.

Thanks for all your prayers over the last two months. They really have meant the world to me and Simon. The Lettuce will be back soon, once I get my head around this.

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  1. I\’m so sorry to hear about your loss. Hunky will always be a wonderful part of your life. Cherish the memories and I hope you find comfort in knowing that he is now running freely with Jeany. If you need someone to talk to let me know. You are in my thoughts. *hugs*Nancy (americanexpats)


  2. I\’m a member of GT (Exena…same name on Flickr), and I\’ve been lurking on your blog for a while. Anyway, it\’s about time I came out of hiding so I can express my condolences. I am so incredibly sorry to hear about Hunky. You\’ve been through so much lately, and I\’d give you a giant hug if I could. Cherish that beautiful portrait, and all the great memories of Hunky and Jeany. Take care…


  3. Thanks y'all. It does feel like I've been sucker punched twice, but it's getting better. Knowing other people care and understand helps a lot.Kristina, welcome officially to the Lettuce!


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