A Straight Answer, Sorta…

I’ve been wondering how McCain is going to fund this $5k health care credit that he and Palin keep bringing up. I’ve been listening too, and not once have they said where the money is going to come from that will be given out as a “credit.” Atlanta’s NBC affiliate seems to have found the answer…(bold text is my addition)

In fact, McCain’s plan would tax health care benefits people receive from employers in order to finance the $5,000 tax credit. Obama’s ads argue the new tax would raise the cost of insurance for employers, forcing millions off the rolls.

Socialized medicine, anyone?

Thanks to Liz for the article listed in her “What I’m Reading At This Very Minute” feed. Click on the link in the title of this post for more.

5 thoughts on “A Straight Answer, Sorta…”

  1. Either way, we\’re going to be taxed. I\’m so tired of politics at this point. I can\’t wait for this race to be over.Thanks for your lovely photo comment on facebook. :)…and I get to see you AGAIN! this weekend! Dinner?

  2. Then where is that $5k per family going to come from? Does anyone know? This is from the official McCain/Palin website:the value of the employer provided insurance will now show up as additional income for the employees…John McCain’s generous refundable tax credit ($5,000 for families and $2,500 for individuals) will not only shield millions of families from a tax increase but will actually give them MORE dollars to invest in their health care needs.So that doesn\’t say anything, really…unless I\’m turning stupid it actually contradicts itself because aren\’t our taxes determined by our income?

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