I’m moving to England

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I know, you guys all know that already. I know that already. My family, bless them, know that already.

So why is it that just this week, this month, it seems so real? Maybe because I’m starting to get ready to move down the street for my last six months in the US? Maybe because I’m thinking about what I can go on and ship over to Simon now? Maybe because I’ve gotten the animals microchipped and vaccinated and started that process in motion?

Maybe because I’ve finally let myself admit that it is happening, and I’m trying to make the most of my six months that are left…eat lots of Chick-Fil-A, drive (as much as the insane gas prices will allow) on the right side of the road, hang out with my deaf friends/co-workers and use ASL…things that I have taken for granted for my first almost 37 years that I won’t be able to enjoy more than a few times a year after I move.

Or maybe it’s because I’m finally able to admit that I’m excited, I’m even looking forward to the adventure of moving, with all the scary bits and new experiences and everything that would normally scare me into just staying put.

Six months. That’s about 24 more Mondays. 182.621099 more sleeps…plus two days in January to lose my mind and then I’m Mrs. Dunne and on my way. I just hope I’m ready.

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