Bad Ear Day

Bad Ear Day
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I think it’s going to be a bad ear day all around. Yet another headache plagues me, but this time it is most definitely sinus related. UGH.

The boys slept in the bed with me last night and I think I stayed in the same position the entire time. I am one big sore muscle.

Oh, did I mention that I managed to slam my finger (thankfully on my non dominant hand) in the sliding glass door as I was going out to collect dogs and empty food dishes this morning? I expected to look down and see something out of a cartoon, a finger swollen to ten times it’s original size and throbbing…but instead I just saw a red finger with the outline of the edge of the door.

It is not going to be a good day…Tater.

(apologies to Ron White…)

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  1. It\’s not been a good day either.Good thing you didn\’t cut off your finger in a sliding glass door. Me? Do that? Never! *ahem*yesiactuallydid*ahem*Same bad day here. Headache, no sleep, throat, ear, basically everything hurts that can.Hope you get better!

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