House 1, Nan 0

So I have a beautiful laundry set now, right? You may remember the arrival of Chip, the gorgeous dryer that purrs me to sleep at night because his humming is just enough to cover my tinnitus? Chip is fine…but the washer and I have issues.

It seems that when I do laundry, especially if it’s been raining, water backs up in the somethingoranother and comes up into my tub and toilet! And it’s not just water, either, it’s sludge. Dave thinks it’s rust, but I swear I saw dirt and rocks in there…not to mention caulk and other window-repair type debris that used to be in the tub until right before I moved in.

I think the problem is two fold. First, I have an old house that probably has roots and all kinds of nasties all in the pipes as well as an apparent venting problem. Don’t ask me what that means, an online friend of mine who is a plumber diagnosed that one for me. Second, there is debris and goodnessknowswhat down in there from the window in the bathroom being replaced right before I got here. When I first looked at the house there was a hole in the bathroom window probably caused by a rock being thrown when the next-door lot was mowed. I mentioned it to my landlord and he of course agreed to have it repaired. After it was repaired there was a lot of stuff in the tub…caulk, paint chips, etc. When I moved in (before the Molly Maids came) all that stuff somehow had been swept down into the drain.

I don’t know who did it, but my money is on the person who replaced the window…who is also the person that is allegedly responsible for painting my front porch. Somehow when he’s been here soda cans and cigarette butts end up all over my yard and my gate’s been left open TWICE. Let’s just say I’m not his biggest fan.

The tub fills up to my ankles every time I take a shower but I bet this morning’s puddle will be even more lovely to stand in. Just when I think things are smoothing out at the house, I’m up till 1am cleaning the tub.

4 thoughts on “House 1, Nan 0”

  1. Drano is your friend. We used to have to Drano the tub in our old Taylors house every other week because it would get stopped up like this.Probably just a problem of older houses, but the Drano and a plunger seemed to do the trick.

  2. Tried Drano. No go. I suppose I\’ll have to just keep trying it. I am concerned about the bubbling in the toilet though…and the water that is coming out from UNDER the toilet… 🙁

  3. Ew. If Drano didn\’t work, then you really may have a problem. That stuff will eat anything, including small animals.Well, the good thing is that you\’re renting – so maybe you could call your landlord. This is really ultimately his responsibility.Just hope he doesn\’t send scary smoking-can\’t-shut-a-gate-stalker handyman.

  4. No no, this is not a job for a handyman. My online buddy who is a plumber even said HE wouldn\’t touch this type of thing from my description. /sighI will try the draino not through standing water this time once more though…

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