Words We Know…Drew Inspired…

After reading Amy’s post in the above link, I started thinking about words that have crossed the species barrier in my house. We have some words that the houndies know, and some that even the aloof kitties know. Of course I would never try to draw a comparison between the Ever Intelligent, Handsome, and quite Vocal Prince Drew and my animals…but humor me.

Hound Vocabulary:

1. Okay, All right. This means that the human in residence is going to let you go out or do something good for you, so the appropriate response is to be as silly and bouncy as you can and try to herd the humans to the nearest exit.

2. Hungry, Eat. The Mommy human always says these words before breakfast and dinner, so the hounds respond by the aforementioned silly and bouncy. Sometimes, if Hunk is not sure that I mean it when I ask “Are you HUNGRY?” he will put his ears up as high as he can to make sure he heard me correctly.

3. No-No. This is negotiable, and occasionally falls under the category of “I will obey when I’m good and darned well ready…”

4. Shoo shoo moo shoo! This translates roughly as “Get away from my food/the desk/the kitchen/my ice cream,” and is in the same category as No-No, especially if the aforementioned attention grabbing object contains cheese.

5. Yum Yum. I can thank Joanne for this one, as she uses it to mean treat for her boys. Hunky caught on very quickly that if he is HUNGRY and wants to EAT that Miss Joanne will have YUM YUMs in her bag…

6. Out? All Out Pandemonium, regardless of how soon it’s been since they were just Out?

7. Hey Hey Hey! Obviously someone has been growly or showing teeth. This means Stop, Drop, and Roll or the Mommy will skin you and hang your fur on the flagpole. (Not really. They’re way too fast for me to do that…)

8. I wuv you, Hunky Monkey. In Hunky-speak, this is the command to take his tongue and lick his mommy from her chin up to her hair, hopefully causing her to giggle just as it passes her mouth. Usually followed by “Hunky, I don’t like you like that…”

9. Sofa! Hunky’s favorite word…it means he has permission to hop up on the…you guessed it, SOFA and settle in for a nap.

10. The last one is not a word, but a noise. My boys almost respond better to me making a loud gasping noise than saying “no” to them. GASP followed by a name means that the houndy in question has done something just horrible…and if it continues, see consequence number 7.

Kitty Vocabulary:

The cats used to know a lot of words that they have forgotten since the advent of the hounds in our lives. Zooey still knows “No-No” and “Get Down.” They also know the typical “Here kitty kitty…” and Mills will talk to you if you talk in Cat. (Me: Ow-wow? Mills: Uh-oh. Me: Uh-oh Meeee-uhls! Mills: Ow-wow. Etc. Just ask Amy’s cat Bastien…I’m fluent in Cat.)

Now that I’m sure you all think I’m a raving lunatic…It’s time for me to GO OUT? because I am HUNGRY and ready to EAT so I’m going to hunt down a YUM YUM and then crash out on the SOFA once I can SHOO SHOO MOO SHOO the hounds off. Ow-wow?

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  1. lol – think about how multilingual you are! You are fluent in ASL, Doggie and Kitty! If we have our way, pretty soon you\’ll be well-versed in Babyese too. 🙂

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