What’s a little blood stain among friends…?

Someone please invent for me a sewing machine that I can afford that will sew through plastic zip ties that I’m using for boning in my corset so that I don’t have to sit here and hand sew the trim on the top and bottom of said piece of torture? I’m having to re-bind, so to speak, the top and bottom edges of my corset because the trim I used last season was a bit too loosely woven and I sprung a few stays! (meaning the boning worked its way either up or down and proceeded to dig into my skin) I’ve already stuck my needle in my thumb…I’m just glad this is an undergarment so I’m the only one that will see the blood stains along the top line of trim…

Oh! I forgot to stipulate that the machine needs to have the capability to not only puncture the plastic boning, but also the jacquard ribbon trim, canvas front, and 3 layers of cotton broadcloth that hold the boning in place and form a barrier between it and me. Thanks.

The machine I have now is a Singer and I love it…I found out quite by accident that it can sew through 5 layers of fabric, including apholstery fabric and interfacing…when I got my skirt bunched up under the bodice and sewed my dress into a permanent bent-over-double position. Luckily I caught it soon enough and restrained my temper well enough to remove that seam…and it ended up like this:

Not too shabby, I suppose, for someone who is really still a beginner…

I really need to do this part by hand as much of a pain (literally!) as it is…it’s definitely more period appropriate that way and it teaches me patience and attention to detail. I taught myself to sew 4 years ago to make my rennie garb so everything is a learning process…

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