Too Many Animals…Too Few Manners!

I knew that it was going to be a challenge to find a place to rent that would permit me to have my animals, but I had no idea how people would react to me when I told them about my fuzzy family. PollyAnna gets another life lesson I suppose, but I was raised to be polite…or at least try…

I called this morning about this house I found because it says “Dogs/Cats: call.” He asks what kind of animals and how many so I start with the dogs. I start to say that I have two greyhounds and…and he cuts me off mid-sentence and says “Nope, too big.” So I politely thank him and hang up.

Phone rings…it’s the guy again. “Nancy, I’m sorry, I was thinking great danes, greyhounds are medium sized dogs right? About 50lbs?”

I explain that my boys are 75 and 80lbs and that while they are not as big as danes, they aren’t tiny either. He says okay and moves on to the cats. “What kind of cats?”

I tell him I have three and they are all heinz 57s and older, youngest cat is 7.

“I’ll pass,” he says, “you’ve got way too many animals.” Says bye and hangs up.

If that were the only one that has said that…

I called about a house in Taylors that was just perfect…and somehow once I told the woman how many animals I had she was suddenly on her way to show it to someone else but promised to call back in half an hour to let me know either way what they had decided.

Do you think I ever heard back from her?

You know, I understand that not everyone shares my feelings about animals. I understand that these folks don’t know me or how I keep my critters. I understand that they may have had bad experiences in the past. But you know, none of that is an excuse to make me feel like I’ve done something wrong because I share my life with my animals.

Back to the classifieds, I suppose.

2 thoughts on “Too Many Animals…Too Few Manners!”

  1. Good thing is, my dogs are outside ones, except during the winter. I think that was one of the only reasons that we got into the house we do now… So…It\’s going to be hard, but I know you can do it. ♥,Kalyne

  2. Oh, don\’t get me started on outside dogs. I can\’t imagine not having my dogs right with me all the time…if I live inside so do they. LOL I guess those folks are right, I am insane. But I\’m happy…

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