Happy Birthday, HunkamunchafromOz

The Handsome Birthday Boy
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Today is my Hunky’s 10th birthday. When he adopted me he was almost four years old. I can’t believe it’s been six years already, it seems like just yesterday I was lying on the floor next to his dog bed watching him sleep, thinking he was the most odd-yet-majestic looking creature I’d ever seen.

Happy birthday my little love. Here’s to 10 more.

Poetry in Motion…

(All thanks, love, and props to Leah for this great shot of Daisy on the job…she’s in the white blanket, #3, second from the right.)

Go Daisy Go!!

Here she is before the race, picture of concentration and focus. Too bad it wasn’t on the race…she came in 7th.

FTH Oopsie Daisy

All four feet off the ground in this one…fly babygirl fly. We’ll get ’em next time.

She tried really hard anyway...

Forget Regret

Do I regret not putting her on a raw diet sooner? Yes. Do I regret not swimming the deepest oceans for supplements for her joints, or not spending my entire paycheck on an ortho bed with a heater to make it easier for her to get up and down? Absolutely. Do I regret not having as much strength of character as she did, and not being able to be there for her at the end? More than I can say.

Did I regret those things when she was still with me, still nipping me on the back of my head and barking to let me know it was 4:30? No way. I cherished, loved, remembered, agonized over, and memorized every second I had with Lizzard. Today she would have been 16 years old. She died a year and eight days ago. And I miss her still, every day…

Happy Birthday, Momma Dawg. I miss you.

A Late Father’s Day Thank You

Thank you, George Edwin Allen, for being a strong example of a family man and father, and being the role model for my own father.
My Grandfather Allen
My Grandfather and Grandmother Allen

Thank you, Albert Davie McDonald, for being the only grandfather I knew as a child, and raising your daughter to be a great mom.
My Grandfather McDonald
My Grandfather and Grandmother McDonald

Thank you is woefully inadequate for Hoyt Albion Allen, so I’ll just say I love you, Daddy.
My Daddy, Elementary  School AgeMy Daddy, Middle School Age
Me and my Daddy
Reverend Hoyt A. Allen