How NOT to take a Christmas Photo

You’re gonna jump in here with us, right Mommy? (Jeany and Daisy hang their heads in shame….)

Happy Headless Holidays!

Wrestlin’ around the Christmas Tree…

(that one was so not funny at the time, I was trying to swing Daisy’s butt around and at the same time she dug her nails in Hunky ran away…but looking at it now Jeany’s face is like “Oh, Mommy that is SO not going to work!!” :lol)

Okay, this is…wait, are we in frame?…CRAP!

You guys got a BETTER way to do this?

Yeah…photoshop the dogs in later. Merry Christmas, y’all!


T shirts!
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So today I need to clean my house, get out my Christmas decorations, and get the guest accommodations ready because I have guests coming in a FEW HOURS. I haven’t done a thing yet, save put T-shirts on the dogs and be amazed that Hunky can now wear one of the Old Navy shirts in the same size as the girls! It’s really amusing, Jeany’s is too big and Hunky’s is just…well, he kinda looks like the guy that struts around on the beach that wears the muscle shirt that came from the boys’ section…and Daisy’s is just right.

So I’m still not cleaning. I’m still not getting out my tree or my wreath. I’m still not vacuuming or mopping or cleaning the toilet. All I can seem to do is run back to the computer to upload “just one more picture” or turn on the dishwasher.

Ugh! Enough stalling! Time to make the donuts…well, actually that’s the one thing I DON’T have to do! If you’re looking to stall today, check out my slideshow of my pictures from Thanksgiving at my parents’ house yesterday. Cleveland Georgia is part of America’s most beautiful country, the Appalachian Mountains, and I never tire of taking pictures of those mountains. It’s like they are big arms that surround me and keep me safe and let me know I am home. Enjoy.

I’ve created my own monster…

Loo shot
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I’ve recently learned how to upload photos from my phone to somewhere other than my phone, and that is a HUGE thing for me! I’m a total geek and even though I know that the camera is just a VGA low res type thing, it still means that I’m whipping that phone out all the time and snapping pictures of everything from the time on my clock in my car when I did an overnight assignment to pictures of myself in the bathroom mirror.

I hated my phone…until just now. It still annoys me a bit that it doesn’t have any video capability, but don’t think I haven’t broken out the digital voice recorder after watching a few back-to-back Ghost Hunters episodes and start asking who’s in my living room besides me!

Thankfully the dogs don’t know the answer to that question…


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Happy Halloween from me, in my newest piece of Rennie Finery, and Daisy, who is none too happy to be wearing that mask. I know we’re a day early, but better early than late, right? Thanks much to Debbie for snapping that photo of me in desperate pain…I mean my new dress.

Occasional Good Photos R Us

Wee Peony
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Like this one of one of my wee peonies. Is it just me, or does that look like an angry little man? Anyway, I love it, and I will just hate it when they stop blooming for the winter.

Yeah, in case you missed it, I GREW THAT. Well, okay, Simon repotted it, but it was just a bit of green at the time! I’m totally taking credit.