On Feeling the Bern and other political nonsense.

My hair was feeling the bern from the color, still.

So you may or may not have noticed, if you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or just down the street, that we have an election coming up this fall here in the good old USA.  While I am utterly heartbroken at the prospect of losing our current Commander in Chief and his warm, friendly, witty, and definitely egalitarian ways, I’m looking forward to November this summer’s Democratic Convention with hope, yet again, just like I did right before fleeing to the UK for two years.//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

You’ve probably ascertained if you know me from the above social media OR you read the title of this blog post that my preferred candidate for the Democratic nomination and the White House is Senator Bernie Sanders, currently of Vermont. There are many reasons why I’m supporting Bernie, not the least of which is his socialist leanings which I share.
Okay, take a breath, I did NOT say I AM a socialist.  Further, I didn’t say he was, because he isn’t.  Democratic Socialism is a different breed from pure, unadulterated German/Chinese/Russian Socialism of years past (and, in some cases, present). 
We okay now? Well, if not, you might not want to continue, because I’m going to tell you why I don’t care for the other candidates in the race.  
First, the other strong Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton.  I’m not going to support her just because she is a woman, or because she made it through a nasty patch of cheating by her (I am sorry but he is just still adorable, reprehensible or not!) husband, or because she has already lived in the White House once and most likely had a hand in what I consider to be a fairly successful administration.  I’ve looked at her issues and policies but more importantly I’ve listened to her when she has told us what she will do for us as President…and I’m not sure I trust her.  I can’t put my finger on it any more succinctly than that, really.  Nowt to do with any of the myriad of scandals that she is presently or has been involved with/in, at all. (Don’t bring up Benghazi to me or I will either walk away from the conversation or explode, I’m not sure which.)
That said, if she wins the Democratic nomination (and the world ends) (just kidding) (kinda), I will vote for her come November.  Sound like I’m wishy-washy and fickle? Just let me tell you about what’s happening on the other side of the aisle from where most of my beliefs find their home, and stay tuned because there IS a Republican that I would have voted for had I no other choice…and not just because of his hair.
By this point there are only three candidates really competing for the Republican nomination (now that someone told Ben Carson he actually WASN’T winning and Rubio picked up his toys and went home to Florida…or Washington, not sure which): Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich.
Yeah, THAT Donald Trump.  Star of the small screen boardroom, misogynistic tyrant, and (it has become apparent in his stumping) under the radar racist.  You have to know if you know me at all that this man speaks NONE of what I see as my truth.  Walls between us and Mexico? Halting Muslims that want to come to the United States? Bulking up the military to be even more of a bully in the world than we already are?  If that’s “Making America Great Again,” I will take the Slightly Less Great but Still Not Racist and Evil America that we have now, thanks.
Then there’s Ted Cruz. There was actually a study done to find out why Ted Cruz’s face causes people not to trust him: turns out his smiles don’t go all the way to his eyes and that indicates shenanigans afoot.  Never mind his promise to “carpet bomb” our enemies.  Carpet bomb, y’all! There was one debate where he used the word murder so many times that I not only lost count I no longer WANTED to count…and not just about THEM murdering US, but US doing the murdering.  I find him terrifying and not at all the wholesome Christian he pretends to be.
Finally, still hanging on in the race with a slightly better chance than a snowball in the Midlands is Kasich.  I will admit that I don’t know much about him…who really expected him to be around this long?  He was passed over in debates and resorted to joking along with Ben Carson about not having any air time.  He went from someone I thought was NOTSOBAD while campaigning in Idaho to SUDDENLYVERYRELIGIOUS when it came to the Southern primaries.  But he doesn’t scare me like the other two do, not really.
The one that I would have voted for if I had to and he hadn’t dropped out was Rand Paul, and that’s because he just didn’t sound all that conservative to me.  I promise, it was nothing to do with his hair or the eye-rolling he did whenever Trump spoke in the first debates.  Nothing at all.
My other mini rant has to do with the media coverage of the side of the aisle that I am supporting.  How much coverage does Bernie get for doing anything well or leading in any polls?  Zero to notenoughtonotice.  Hillary sneezes and someone is telling “the Democratic frontrunner and likely candidate” bless you.  Even NPR, my beloved NPR, is leaning toward Hillary and to me that isn’t right.  She’s got enough help, thank you very much, she doesn’t need any more.
Don’t even get me STARTED on superdelegates.  Super my foot. 
So yay! The Lettuce is back!  Don’t worry, it won’t be long before I’ve forgotten this blog yet again…

…and then there was the YELLING…

Holy moly. I was raised in a very quiet household. I can remember a college boyfriend commenting that he was nervous in my parents’ house because it was so quiet. When I first met Scott’s family I was the nervous one because they were so loud! I will admit to being a bit sensitive to the raising of the voice.

I was doing my daily blog-read and got to this entry on Simply Left Behind. Before you click, beforewarned, it contains a video clip from Fox News of an “interview” with someone from the Westboro Baptist church…you remember them? The crazy people who think that God hates the USA and gay people and the military and and and and…the ones that desecrate funerals by picketing…those folks.

Watching that clip was interesting… It reminded me of one evening when I was still living with Scott and he sat down to watch “the news” while I was on the computer. I wasn’t paying attention to what he was watching because most of his TV time involved surfing and invariably I would see something I’d like to watch that would get passed by…so I was just focusing on the computer. I remember that he paused to watch something so I looked around. To this day I couldn’t tell you the name of the program, only that the Fox News logo was in the corner and the so-called journalist/anchor/person in charge of moderating the interview and the person being interviewed were screaming at each other. Screaming. Loudly. Angrily. I asked him what it was and he said he didn’t know, just “whatever Fox News is showing right now.” So from that moment on, Fox News became the Shouting News Network or the Angry News Network. “Scott, do we have to watch the Shouting News Network?” “Scott, aren’t they covering that same story on a channel other than the Angry News Network?” I asked him once why he watched Bill O’Reilly (other than the obvious, he was a closet conservative who I think voted Republican) and he said, “because it’s funny to watch how worked up Bill gets over stupid stuff.” I think he said the same thing about most anything he watched there…

Now, on the other hand, I don’t really watch CNN either, before that gun comes out a’blazin’…CNN has been, since the beginning of the business in Iraq, “the Green Network” to me. There are people there that shout, just like on Fox, and invariably on CNN there is someone showing me something using infrared/night vision camera work so everything is green. For my news, I read the BBC website (because I’m too poor to afford digital cable so I can watch BBC America) and listen to NPR. No one yells on NPR. Garrison Keillor, while not a purveyor of news save that of Lake Woebegon, doesn’t yell. Larry Abramson doesn’t yell. Robert Siegel and Melissa Block don’t yell. I feel comfortable there.

Kudos though, to Simply Left Behind…you made my blog roll for a reason.