Forward Motion…

Clown Reaches the Beach
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So if you care to find me…look to the Western sky…as someone told me lately: “Everyone deserves a chance to fly…”

(lyrics from “Defying Gravity” from the musical “WICKED.” Or from Glee. Take your pick.)

Well, I can’t say too much, loyal Lettuce-Heads, because what you put out on the “tinterweb” is permanent and forever, but my situation is in a bit of flux at the moment.

I know! Again! Right?

Changes are afoot, and my situation has gone from semi-almost-stable to completely on the other foot in a matter of a week. But never fear, I think the impending change is a good one, and I’m crossing everything I can that all turns out as it should.

Confused? Yeah, me too. But I find that when things get weird, I can just look at that beautiful boy in the photo there and things will get all right-ish riteawayquik. Well, for now I’m just looking at a photo of him, but tomorrow night I’ll get to start a whole weekend of Clown Goodness, and that’s definitely got me smiling.

Don’t worry, those five or six of you that are now on tenterhooks to know what the change is and what is coming up next for those of us here at the Lettuce. Your wait will not be long nor in vain. In the meantime, though, here’s something to bounce around and label me insane for: Next month is a new Nanowrimo, and I’m itching to get started!

Catch you guys after the CRF opening weekend…come see us if you’re in the area!

New Month, New Camp NaNoWriMo

End of RID IKEA run
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I know, I just won, I should still be basking, right? NOT. Have you met me? Insanity, thy name is Nancy.

This month’s WIP (that’s Work In Progress, see, I do pay attention sometimes Dr. Tom!) is a little diddy I like to call “Proud Racer: An American Greyhound in Yorkshire” and it’s Daisy’s recounting of her two years in Keighley…well, sort of, it’s really her take on the times that she got to GO on the TRAIN for a WALK somewhere. She’s a well traveled girl though…and hopefully there will be room in the back for pictures of her adventures. The title may change…Daisy’s Adventures in Yorkshire doesn’t grab me and OI! was too short, though I’m sure that’s the word she’s heard most often over there.

Right, so I’m blogging about writing while not writing…but I’ve hit my goal for the day and everything else I write (over there, not here) is just gravy. Fingers crossed I can get this one done and dusted and off to Lulu for publishing prior to Beach Bound Hounds next month.

NEXT MONTH! Good Lord. I’m gonna need a lot of Crystal Light and Goldfish crackers.

And then there were crickets…

I just finished my July Camp Nanowrimo novel. Just now, at 0133 on July 30th, one full day ahead of schedule. Now I have all of tomorrow and Sunday to plan my August Camp Nanowrimo novel. If you’re sitting there thinking that I’ve gone completely insane, you’re right. I think I have. If you’d like an ARC of the drivel that just about crippled my fingers for the past 30 days, shoot me an email. The only rule is that you can’t laugh…at least not where I can hear you.

Man. How appropriate that I’m doing a camp-themed Wrimo here on Allen Mountain, with the crickets loud just outside the window? I may have to build a campfire to get through August’s challenge…but for now, if you need me, I’ll be basking for a bit. Night, y’all!

Sleeping bag? Check. Bug Spray? Check. Word Processor? Check!

Yep, I’m at it again.  I’ve shuffled off to Camp NaNoWriMo for July and August, with a hopeful goal of 100K written at the end of both months.  So far (as of today) I’m about 300 words ahead of my target for the day, so I’m feeling pretty good, pretty inspired.

I know, you’re horribly bored, but stick with me.  It gets better.

The project for July is a YA novel called Mirror, Mirror.  It is about faeries and Wales and all things good/evil twin, and I hope it will come out at the end of the month as more than just a bunch of bad Google Translate.  Here’s the working synopsis from the Camp website:

“Elisa has always been different. Ever since her twin sister Emma went missing when the girls were just 8, her life has been upside down. The loss of her twin followed by her parents’ double suicide left her alone and in foster care until Gwen Morgan adopted her and took her to Wales to start a new life. But can she ever escape the life she left behind? The truth behind her sister’s disappearance will lead her into a world even stranger and more deadly than she could have imagined.”

I promise you loads of teen angst, unrequited love, and snappy puns to keep you entertained.  What could be better?  I’m thinking August’s work will be a ghost story of some sort, but I’m not sure what yet.  Following on the camp theme, I’m trying to remember all the awesome campfire ghost stories from my youth…maybe one of them will be the star in August!
And yes, for those still asking…I am insane.  Thanks for your support.  Wrimos, ho!