Soon and very soon…

See that view? That’s what my parents see EVERY DAY as they eat their meals, venture out onto their back porch, or just gaze out the windows in the great room. I don’t know what mountain that is, exactly, but I’m sure my dad does. He was born and raised just across the road from where this picture was taken, and has made these mountains home his entire life.

There are just 20 days left until Simon and I leave for our much needed holiday in America. While I’m still fretting over fitting in visits to everyone that I want to see, scheduling a time to meet with a real estate agent in Greenville, and possibly chasing down leads for jobs for me once we move back, I’m also just desperate to be home. I think it’s the amount of time I’ve been away this time that’s making the homesickness worse, plus the stress of the house not selling and all the rest.

But seriously, if you had THAT view to look forward to, why would you ever leave? Soon and very soon, we are going to see…home.

More Proof

All you can do in this world, I think, is try to be a good person. Try to help your fellow man or woman or child. Try to give what you have that you don’t need. Try to be a shoulder for someone else to cry on when they need it. Try to make right the wrongs that you can, and continue to fight for the ones you can’t.

Because this world, beloveds, is horrible. It is full of people that do and say as they please with no regard for anyone else but themselves and theirs. It is overflowing with people who have so much yet ignore those that have so little. This world rewards selfishness. It rewards greed and blind ambition. This world praises competition to the point of ruthlessness. This world stomps on the heads of those deemed lesser on it’s way to becoming greater.

My friend Trish died today. Totally unexpectedly. Into hospital overnight last night and by tonight she’s gone. Trish, who took in ferrets that had been raised in mills and through love turned their tiny worlds around and gave them a home rather than just an existence, who took shy greyhounds and turned them into happy dogs, and who was raising a stunning reef. Trish, who listened to me cry and scream and rail against the world, God, and parts of my own family when my aunt died last August. Trish, who always seemed to know that right thing to say to make you smile, and who never let on that she was hurting or sick if she thought that a friend needed her.

I never met Trish in person. I knew her via a message board called GreyTalk, and more intimately when she adopted her girl Flippy through Follow That Hound. She wept with me over Profile’s loss, and cried happy tears that she would get to meet Hunk after he was found cancer free…she’d fallen in love with him through my books.

Trish was good and honest and loving…and she is gone, while others not so good nor honest nor loving still walk the world. The world that didn’t deserve her. So be kind to each other, if you can…this is just more proof that all we can do in the world today is find ways to survive.

I would never ignore a word of anything you entrusted me with, Nan. Know that now and always. I’m here for you, any time. Don’t be afraid to write. Don’t be afraid to call, or txt. All my love, the pups, and the rest of the critter’s but some of them aren’t quite as cuddly and comforting as others. LOL! I’m so so sorry for this loss, and I will vow to you to do everything I can to be here for you. You also have a strong circle of friends, and you know that. They’re all there for you too. Thank you for trusting me into that circle by sharing this letter with me. Everything you say to me, stays between us, unless you request otherwise.

Here’s a Flippy kiss. I guarantee you can’t get away from a Flippy kiss and a little of her talking, without a smile, even a tiny one.

Love ya, girlfriend,

Three years old and the light bulb hasn’t switched on just yet…

Today the Leelos (Daisy’s litter)turn three years old, and yet my Daisy is still very much a puppy…God help me. Their birthdate on Greyhound Data is 8/14, but I remember it to be the 12th because I was among the folks on GreyTalk “watching” them be born.

wmlcml6 Posted: Aug 12 2004, 09:37 AM
“Baby Daisy has arrived. 9:37 am EST!!!! Leelo is a fantastic mom so far. I think she is a fawn, but is kind of wet and dark right now.”

So happy third birthday to my beautiful and perfect Puppy-Girl who will always be my puppy girl, no matter how old she gets…my Daisy Mae Mae…

Happy birthday to Casey and Bonnie…to Angel Sophie Sox…to the ever handsome Dodger Long Legs…to Hallie Jalepeno, the firecracker mountain goat…and of course, Windy-Bear, the first of the LBs to discover what retirement is like…

Daisy, I’m so glad you were born and even more glad that you’re mine. If the rain stops today we might go take a little walk downtown later. If not, we’ll snuggle on the couch and watch movies and I’ll tell you over and over how much I adore you, just so you won’t forget.

Happy birthday, my precious PuppyGirl…
love, Mommy

From "Waiting for Daisy"

Thursday, 22 March

Week three for Daiz has gone pretty well.

  • On Monday, we learned why it is important not to sit on Mommy when she’s home sick from work. It makes her already laboured-due-to-allergies breathing even worse when your boney heiney is on her lungs.
  • On Tuesday, we learned not to run underneath Hunky when he is going out the back door. He will eventually move if we are patient, and lifting him a foot off the ground while he’s trotting only serves to make him cross.
  • On Wednesday, we learned LOTS of things. We learned that if Jeany eats poo in the backyard Mommy brushes EVERYONE’S teef. We learned that taking the glass that Mommy had tea in that she left on the coffee table to a dog bed is not the smartest idea we’ve ever had. Further, we learned that if Mommy is asleep on the couch and we step on her windpipe in an effort to snuggle up as close as possible to her she turns a very interesting shade of purple.
  • Today we learned about the BROILER. When Mommy has something yummy under the BROILER we should not put our noses anywhere near it. Mommy says that if we do, it becomes a BROIL-HER and that it will hurt a lot. Also, we learned that sitting in the chair and a half that Mommy sits in WITH Mommy will make her get up and move to the sofa, therefore giving us more room to stretch.

Other random things we’ve learned this week:

  1. Pot holders are not toys.
  2. Mommy’s pants are not toys.
  3. The cat is not a toy and can get very cross.
  4. Noses and tongues go in water bowls but back feet do not because then they sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide across the kitchen and create a pond.
  5. When Mommy leaves the house she always comes back, or at least she has so far. We’re not sure when she comes home and then goes right back out again, like to a place called the post box.
  6. Jeany does not like to be bounced on, nor does she like having Daisy’s mouth around her nose.
  7. Hunky does not like having Daisy’s mouth around his nose but will tolerate that longer than Jeany.
  8. It is not a good idea to body slam Hunky OR Jeany when one wants attention from Mommy.

Daisy…I still look at her sometimes and have to pinch myself that she’s real…

Friday, 30 March

Week Four was a little better than three…

  • When you put together a bookshelf, make sure that you’ve collected all the little plastic pieces and put them away when you’re done. If you don’t, your Leelo Baby will eat them but then give them back in a nice puddle all over the living room carpet.
  • If you are running late, give up the ghost. Your Leelo Baby will sense that you are in a hurry and absolutely refuse to enter her crate without being picked up and tossed.
  • We have sort of learned that stuffy toys do not live in the backyard. Sort of.
  • Daisy and Mills are tolerating each other. Mills likes to stare her down and back her up by putting his ears back and puffing up his tail.
  • Daisy is just as good as Jeany at helping me clean up cat vomit.
  • There is absolutely NOTHING better than being half asleep at 6am, letting the dogs outside, and seeing Daisy dance around the yard with her tennis ball in her mouth. If the world had one teensy fraction of the joy that she has at ANY given moment of her life…