Lettuce Hard Reboot

The watchers, Bryn and Willow.//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.jsYeah, so...um...hi.It's been a year plus since I've updated the Lettuce, and that is embarrassing and mortifying and actually...freeing.  I have no precedent set, really, anymore. I can talk about whatever I like.So...yeah...hi.I think a bit of catch-up is in order, though that seems to be all I do around here.… Continue reading Lettuce Hard Reboot

Flashback Post: The Aftermath of Snowmaggedon 2015

Rock on with your bad icicle selves...First, please read this: In which I rant...Now, as you know, there was another Winter Weather Event here in the Carolinas a few weeks ago.  Our meteorologists went crazy predicting 10 inches of snow and ice and all sorts of mayhem.  Didn't happen exactly like that but apparently there was… Continue reading Flashback Post: The Aftermath of Snowmaggedon 2015