Happy Easter! Pass the Febreeze, please?

Today marks the last day of our mini-vacation/first weekend of the Georgia Renaissance festival/invasion of my sister’s house. I have been puppy sitting as well as visiting and serving as the director of the HOEF, and it’s been very interesting. I have kept Simon before but at MY house…I’ve never traveled with him before now.

The dogs and I headed out Friday afternoon about 5:30 on our journey with a brief stopover in Six Mile to pick up Simon. Six Mile is a small town near Clemson, and there is no fast way to get there (as is true for many small towns in South Carolina). While Simon was happy to see visitors and even happier to sniff my dogs, his long time buddies, when it came time to get in the car he wasn’t having any of it. I ended up lifting him into the car and coming away with more fur on ME than he had on him I think…

The ride to Atlanta was fine. There were only a few GRRRS and of course they happened when I was on the phone with my mother, giving her more reason to think that my dogs are dangerous. I’m telling you, the only dangerous thing about the furry head currently pressed up against my leg on the sofa is what happens if he eats anything with soy in it…see previous post about Unka Dave’s nose.

Thursday night went well, better than I thought it would. The four dogs and I shuffled off into the guest room at about 1am and once I got them placed on beds I didn’t hear another peep out of them till morning. Susan had a Good Friday service during the day Friday so Dave and I went to get me third leather leash for the festival Saturday and left the dogs here. They did SO well…except for the gas.

Holy geezominey, I’d forgotten just what “grain-fed” farts smell like. My word! Febreeze!!!

Friday night I decided that Hunky’s foot was just not ready to handle the gravel at GARF (and that since some of the folks I thought were coming didn’t), so I would just go over and make sure that my new folks were set and ready to go and then I’d come back to Dave and Susan’s. I took Simon and Jeany with me, and at one point opened the back window of the Hounda so that the folks could meet them. “Won’t they jump out?” Doug says. “Oh no,” I respond, the confident face of a long time dog owner shining. “Jeany doesn’t like to get out if it’s dirty and Simon barely got in the car, I don’t think he’d jump out with the tail gate up.”

Then I turned away from the car, and suddenly became wrong.

Luckily Doug caught the flying brindle blur that swept past my right ear and landed, ever so gracefully, with his nose in the heinder of Doug’s pretty little brindle girl.

I got back to Dave and Susan’s and Dave and I ran over to Cokesbury, a store I remember going to as a child…it’s a kind of a supply store for clergy. After that, we met his friend Ben for lunch in East Atlanta at a bar/pub called The Earl. Best grilled cheese I’ve had in a while…and Dave and Ben just kept me laughing the entire time.

Today is Easter, and this morning the hounds woke me up around 8:30. I took them out and fixed their breakfast. By the way, if you feed raw, there really is no substitute for it. Kibbles that don’t have grains in them have other FAR MORE STINKY things in them to bind the ingredients together. And if you think they are stinky going in… Pass the Febreeze. After they ate, they sort of scattered as I was rinsing out the dishes so I went looking…and found that our visiting hound, Simon, had made a little bit of a mess…in mulitple rooms of the house as well as perfuming Susan and Dave’s room. I should own stock in Febreeze.

We’re heading for home after lunch with a brief stop in Six Mile to leave Simon. Next weekend we’ll do it all over again, but this time without the fourth pupper and definitely without the kibble. I’m thinking I should bring them a bottle of Febreeze, though, just in case…

In which Unka Dave pulls his shirt up over his nose…

The puppers (and Simon) and I are visiting my sister and her husband, Dave, this weekend for the opening of the Georgia Renaissance Festival and Easter. We’re doing all kinds of new, exciting, and different things on this adventure, like fitting four greyhounds into the back of my Honda Element, racing down I-85 hoping to get their food to a refrigerator before it goes stinky because I didn’t stop for ice, and trying a new kibble that has no grains in it whatsoever.

The fitting of the four greyhounds went remarkably well, considering one of mine even got carsick on the way down to Atlanta. (I had no idea till I got here, joy, bliss…) The racing down to Atlanta went well also, as I channeled my father upon leaving Simon’s people’s house and struck out following road signs to get back to the interstate.

The new kibble is the flop of the weekend I think. First of all, it STINKS. SMELLS REALLY BAD. Were I still in college I might even say it SMELLS LIKE ARSE. Had to expect that, though, when the first ingredient is salmon, followed by tuna. But as bad as it smells going in I think it’s worse coming out. Quite honestly (and most likely to the horror of my family) I don’t really notice canine flatulence as much as I did when I first got my dogs. It just happens.

Their Unka Dave is not so familiar.

I keep looking over to where he is working on something for the Good Friday service tonight and he intermittently will pull his t-shirt up over his nose. But they love you, Unka Dave….

Holy SMACK what a weekend…

Mornin’ Daisy!
Originally uploaded by NanLassiter.

Monday again. I’m still trying to figure out when I’m going to wake up from the dream that was this past weekend.

Friday night is an absolute blur. I was going back and forth between playing on the computer and holding Zooey and crying my eyes out. Saturday morning was crazy…I went to the McDonald family gathering (Mom’s side, once every 3 months or so) at my parents’ place in Cleveland, Georgia after dropping Zooey off with Scott to go to the vet for the last time. Cried a little on the way down but not too much. “Car Talk” and “Whaddaya Know” kept me entertained and distracted.

At about 1pm I started fooling with Daddy’s computer to get set up to watch Daisy’s first official maiden race. My cousins Margaret and Kristen were there to watch with me and I think Margaret really enjoyed it!! Daisy didn’t do so well…you can read about it here.

After everyone left Daddy and I took a load of my stuff up to the storage building behind my grandmother’s house, I grabbed dinner with them and then headed home. Somehow things are always worse in the dark, and as I was hurtling down the mountain from Cleveland to Toccoa I was overtaken by sobs. I was so afraid that Zooey was not going to forgive me for breaking my promise to him…that I would figure out what was wrong with him and make him better.

Somewhere around Westminster, SC, I had a revelation. I did make him better. He didn’t hurt anymore. What I was feeling that was making me cry was just my own selfishness at wanting to have him around forever. I made it home by about 9:30 and played Everquest till I was falling out of my chair asleep.

Yesterday was another blur. Funny how only Saturday, the day he left, has any clarity. I know that I got some things done, I know that I slept a lot…but now it’s Monday again, first Monday without Zooey yodeling to me while I’m in the shower.

I guess I could encourage Mills to sing…

Ah, the Triumphant Return of the Tired

I discovered something yesterday. I’m old. I am an old woman. I’m a cranky, set in her ways, can’t stay up late without serious repercussions to her mental health Old Woman.

Yesterday I went to visit my sister and her husband. I was supposed to be taking a friend of ours with me to visit, but he never responded to me about when/where to meet. A week, I’m telling you, is too long to go without so much as a short “I’m busy” message when you are planning a trip. The icing on that cake was checking the messages I’d sent (via message board we both belong to because he NEVER checks his email) yesterday before leaving to find all of them still sitting comfortably in my outbox. Yeesh.

So, the puppers and I struck out alone yesterday to go see Dave and Susan. Dave had surgery on his shoulder on Tuesday, and can’t move it for…2 weeks I think. He’s in a sling, and had a nerve block until about 5am yesterday morning. I just can’t even imagine…the worst thing that has ever been done to me at the hands of a doctor would be the staph infection I had on my leg in conjunction with a spider bite…had to be “removed” which is doctor-speak for “dug out.” Who knew they made post-holers that small, or that my mother could turn that many shades of nauseous green? Anyway…

So we went, and had a good time hanging out with Dave and Susan. Dave is in remarkable spirits considering the pain he is obviously in most of the time. He does get cranky, and I think that’s a “man-trying-to-deal-with-pain” issue. But we chatted and got my sister set up with an EQ character of her very own to play (yes, I am spreading the addiction…fear me!)…and then turned on the Grammy awards to watch.

Now I knew I was old before this, but I think last night was just the clarifying moment that drove the point home. Susan went to Dave’s church to cover a Bible study for him (though the heathen in me must admit that having someone lead a Bible study under the influence of “Elvis Presley’s White M&Ms” would have been amusing…)and Dave and I were left to watch the Grammys.

Me: “Yikes on the dress choice, girly looks like she’s pregnant!”

Dave: “She is pregnant.”

Me: “Oh…well, her hair kinda looks like someone pulled it too tight.”

Dave: Grunting noise that almost sounded like a snore, but he had just passed M&M refill time…

Me: “Now there were only two people in that entire category that I even recognized, Missy Elliot and Eminem. What does that say about me?”

Dave: “I really like Kayne West, his song…” and that’s when I stopped recognizing anything he said…and then it hit me…

Me: “Kayne West, is he the one with the thing and Mike Myers and stopping the tape?”

Dave (miraculously understanding my moment of near speaking in tongues): “Yes, Nancy, the one that made the provocative comments during the Hurricane Katrina benefit.”

Me: “What is with those gloves? It’s not cold in there. And the sunglasses, do you really think he can see the audience with those on?”

Dave: “Man, you ARE old.”

I’d like pause here to point out that Dave is only NINE MONTHS younger than I am.

Susan’s Bible study coverage lead to her visiting parishioners that were in the hospital due to a car accident and then heading back home around 10pm. At 10:15pm I was standing behind her showing her how to play EQ, wide awake. At 10:30 I was in the car, sending Dave a BB message to remind him Drawn Together was on Comedy Central in case he was still wound up in the glamour and glitz and bad hairstyles and grubby jeans extravaganza known as the Grammy Awards. At 11pm I was cruising through Gwinnett County, finishing my bottle of water and thinking that I was worried about leaving late for nothing, I’d done this plenty of times in my YOUNG life, I could make it home, no sweat.

11:45pm: Stop at the JeVerson exit (that was for my Mom) and get gas at the QT, lament the emptiness of the water bottle that had kept me awake so far.
12:15am: Pass the Lavonia exit and lament lack of cash and current determination not to stop at a McDonald’s in the middle of the night.
12:16am: Notice that I’ve just referred to the time as the middle of the night and think again how OLD I am.
12:30am: Stop at the Clemson exit and grab a chicken sandwich, fries and a soda at a Wendy’s. Tell myself that Wendy’s doesn’t count as fast food because it’s healthier than McDonald’s.
1am Turn off the highway onto Pleasantburg Drive to head home.
1:15am Pull into the driveway.
2am Actually get in the bed and stare at the ceiling, two greyhounds vying for the 2 inches of space left that they and the three cats and I are not occupying.

And this morning? I officially feel like the underside of a mudflap. But I had a great time yesterday, despite the revelation that I am old…