I’m so glad she was born. SO glad.

At first, she looked like this...I've recounted the story of how FTH Oopsie Daisy/Daisy/Daisy Duke/Daisy Mae/Mae/Mei Mei/Princess came into our lives.  You have undoubtedly heard me brag about how she was named by the community of greyhound freaks over at GreyTalk, how she lived on her Mama Caffie's kitchen floor until she was old enough… Continue reading I’m so glad she was born. SO glad.

Quickie…Cross your fingers, please?

Proud Racer: An American Greyhoundin Yorkshire, by Nancy E. DunneJust wanted to give you guys a little heads up that Daisy's second book, An American Greyhound in Yorkshire, has been entered in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest for 2013.  I don't expect that it will go anywhere but...you never know.  Three cheers for Daisy Mei Mei,… Continue reading Quickie…Cross your fingers, please?