Flashback Post…Miss you, Little Man.

I was at an event at the Greenville Humane Society last week and wandered into the PK room (The Mister works there and apparently that is jargon for the Puppy and Kitten room) and locked eyes with a beautiful little black/grey tabby boy who reached out from his cage just like Mills had done in the Spartanburg shelter so many years ago.  I purposefully rubbed his head and then my eye just so I’d remember why I can’t have any more cats.  But that has gotten me thinking about my Little Man…and tomorrow will be a year to the day since he left me and Simon for the Bridge.  I’m still thinking about Alfonso, the green eyed devil in the PK room…but no one could replace my Mills.

Night Night, Little Man.

Miss you, Mee-uhls.  To.Absolute.Bits.

Happy Inside

Can you imagine if they released 100 greyhounds into an IKEA? There wouldn’t be a meatball left in the store, I can assure you of that, and they’d find them all asleep on the Ektorp sofas.

(There’s a ginger tabby that looks right at the camera at one point…looks SO much like my Mills…)

Mills, mon Aristochat

Everybody wants to be a cat,
Because a cat’s the only cat
Who knows where it’s at.
Everybody’s pickin’ up on that feline beat,
‘Cause everything else is obsolete.
-“Everybody wants to be a cat,” The Aristocats, Disney

That cat is my hero this morning. After an overnight interpreting assignment that has left me useless and out sick from work today, I was awakened to the familiar sound of Mills chasing thin air as he does every morning. Only this morning it wasn’t thin air. It was a mouse.

Sadly I was on the phone to Simon when I discovered what Mills had and therefore caused him some permanent hearing damage when I split the sound barrier squealing.

My little mouser first cornered his prey in the closet in my office, then herded it out to the sitting room as I got something to scoop it up in so that I could usher it outside. Mills chased it out from under the chair, and then kept it under the table until I could get it into a tupperware container. I then took it outside and flung it into the yard and that little buggar ran STRAIGHT BACK FOR THE STAIRS to come back in the front door. Thankfully it saw me standing there and ducked around into the bushes on the front of the house, then into the house via a vent on the front in the foundation. Hooray.

I couldn’t just sit and watch Mills kill it though…don’t get me wrong, I don’t want mice in my house but there is something so evil about how cats kill their prey. And it made eye contact with me…that was all she wrote. Simon had encouraged me on the phone to save it, chuck it out the door to freedom rather than let Mills kill it, so that’s what I did. And the intelligence I saw in those eyes (coupled with terror, of course) lead that little critter right back into the crawl space under my house. Again I say Hoo-Ray.

His adventure this morning has bolstered the opinion in Mills’s mind that he is the alpha in this pack. As I was making my tea, he stood up on his hind legs to look (he seems to think that this simple posture will magically make him tall enough to see over the top of the counter) and the dogs came over to see what he was watching. I don’t know what exactly happened next but Mills moved his head at them like “You want some of this?” and all three dogs BACKED UP. Too funny.

I gave my little man a saucer with a little milk in the bottom and scratched his ears before he took off on patrol again. Je t’aime, mon Aristochat. Je t’aime très beaucoup.

What Dreams May Come…Again…and be TiVo’d

This week I moved further into the 21st century and got a TiVo. What I ever did before that I don’t know…this is the easiest and fastest way to see what I want to see on television I’ve ever known. Of course, I’m sure I said the same thing about my first VCR…

My power apparently blinked off yesterday morning, a fact that doesn’t really mean that much because it’s a Saturday, but it did allow me to sleep in because the alarm didn’t go off. While my fuzzy alarm clocks did whimper and nudge at various times, they didn’t rouse me from sleep until almost 10am…something that NEVER happens in this house anymore.

I chose not to set my clock until just this morning. Well, let’s be honest, I just didn’t set it because my ADHD-wannabe mind was wrapped up in a zillion other things instead. Again, this morning, I slept until 9am, but this morning I had some disturbing dreams. I think my brain was trying to warn me that I needed to get up.

The first one took place in an airport I think. I might have being going to or returning from the UK. Either way, a young man that I’ve kind of been crushing on (can you tell I have friends that are teenagers?) was in the dream and suddenly he was with another woman. All I remember of that dream was walking along behind them and seeing them start holding hands. In retrospect, I realize that the woman looks a lot like his ex-wife…but in the dream I remember thinking she’d come out of nowhere and feeling kind of “Oh well” about the whole thing.

The second one took place at Sandy Paws, a greyhound gathering I attend in the spring. I knew the people I was staying with and had all my animals there, even my cat Mills. Someone had some greyhound puppies there, and Mills was playing with the puppies.

Suddenly these people came in, saying something about the puppies making noise, and gathered them all up into a duffel bag. It had mesh on the sides and I could see Mills in there with them, meowing, but the puppies barking and whining drowned out the meows. They took the back out the door and I hopped up to follow them. Once outside they took off at breakneck speed, dragging the bag on the ground! I chased them to some woods and caught up to them as they dumped the pups out, saying that here they wouldn’t bother people with their noise. I scooped up Mills and then confronted one of the men. He made a comment to his friend about me being AR (anti-racing) and I got in his face to tell him he was wrong. He blew me off and walked away.

Bizarr-O. Both dreams had a common theme though…I was left alone, feeling like “I knew that was going to happen,” and not being able to change anything to make myself happy. I think I need to get up on time tomorrow, and leave the drama to TiVo.