Thanks, Easter Bunny…BOK BOK

So this morning when I came stumbling out of the guest room to feed the dogs there was the cutest little basket waiting in the hall! In the tradition of our mother, my sister…I mean the Easter Bunny had left me an easter basket with lots of yummy diet busting treats inside. Yay for Easter!

But wait…there was a toy in the basket, something that the “Easter Bunny” also used to always include when we were growing up. This toy, however, is a classic combination of humor, yummy bubble gum, and one of the symbols of the season, an egg laid by a chicken.

May I introduce…the Clucker.

Little dude…err…dude-ette…errr….okay the chicken works like this. Twist its head off, insert no more than four of the bubble gum “eggs” (because to do so, according to the warning, would jam the mechanism…so true, isn’t it?), then wind up Clucker and let it go. It walks, it…makes a grindy noise, and it poops out a bubble gum egg.

Yay Easter. This may be the best easter basket toy I’ve ever gotten.


Happy New Year! This is what happens when good girls go wrong…and to Mary’s in Atlanta…and when one of the girls has a husband whose mobile phone can shoot pictures after blinding the subject of said picture with a teeeeny tiny light that makes you want to rip your eyeballs out and start over…

*Much Love* to E and A.

More Stuff than I Could Shake a Stick At…

I had a remarkable experience today. I’m in Austell again, with my sister and her husband, and today my sister took me to the IKEA store.


I have never seen so much stuff before in my life!!! And the prices!!! I walked away with a bear for Hunky (“Bear Bear” or “Teddy” got eaten by the Profile Monster and met an early death, I think, at the Anderson House), a shark for Profile, and a duvet and duvet cover for Mommy! That’s right, the girl that didn’t even use a flat sheet just one year ago today bought a duvet and blue FLORAL duvet cover today…and I LOVE IT. I also love the fact that if something happens to the blue I can go back to IKEA and get another cover and have A WHOLE NEW COMFORTER on my bed.

You probably already knew this, but you can get cheap sofas there and even cheaper sofa slip covers that are made to fit their sofas, and have a different sofa in your den on a WHIM! Unbelievable. I walked around every bit the mouth-breather for most of the time we were in the store because I was just amazed. Or, as the guy on Dave and Susan’s satellite radio Broadway Show Tunes show says, Ah-mah-zed. I was most definitely ah-mah-zed.

Did I mention that as we were leaving I picked up two kinds of sandwich cookies, my favorite Anna’s ginger snaps and some chocolates? Yeah, what diet? Good LORD they are tasty…as Rachael Ray said about the Flying Biscuit, they were “almost too good to eat in public.” And the cinammon rolls? My WORD.

I’m already looking ahead to thinking that I want a futon and an overstuffed chair in my den wherever I live in Montgomery. Bet I could look one up on IKEA…I know most of you already knew how awesome it is…in fact I think that I saw Liz’s kitchen on display there! But I’ve finally caught up…and I am still ah-mah-zed.

Zen and the Art of Forgetfulness

I had a phenomenal blog post start unfolding in my head as I dashed out to get my lunch. On the way back to my office, songs I was listening to were weaving their way in and out of the words that were lining up in my mind like children in a school hallway. Titles flashed across my windshield and my only concern was to decide which was the most clever.

I got back to the office, ate my lunch, and the post is gone. I’m hoping that a trace of at least a title will be still on the windshield when I leave the office this afternoon, but I’m not holding my breath. If remembering that I was listening to “Ghost” by the Indigo Girls when inspiration struck isn’t enough to bring back my cunning wordsmithery I think the post is just gone.

I had a great “mini-break” this past weekend/week, and am quite tired today, so my forgetfulness at least has a chemical basis. Friday I headed to Austell to spend the weekend with my sister and her husband and their friend Ben. We are getting down to the wire on our UK vacation, so the plan was to roll up our collective sleeves and get some final plans taken care of…and we did. Saturday we went bike riding on the “Silver Comet Trail” which was much fun if not unfortunately short lived.

We selected our bikes (Susan and Dave already have their own bikes as they are the more serious riders…I was lucky not to catch a toe in the chain and flip myself over the handlebars!) and headed out. Just before that I’d gotten a frantic IM from my petsitter and good friend Tressy that Hunky was choking and she wanted to know if she should take him to the E-vet. I even called her on my cell while texting with her on my blackberry so I could listen to Hunky’s breathing…and because he was breathing I told her not to take him in but to just keep an eye on him. I’ll spare you the gross details but Hunky had indeed gotten something from his dinner stuck in his throat and Tressy helped him…get past it. I’d forgotten to warn her that sometimes due to his medication his throat becomes dry and it is hard for him to swallow. No Zen or Chemical Basis there, just another example of me thinking that everyone knows what’s in my head and forgetting to verbalize that fact to her.

You haven’t lived until you’ve tried to ride a bike, change the tune on your MP3 player, and send an IM through a handheld all at the same time. I felt like I must have looked like Nataraja representations of Shiva, the Hindu God of death and change, most popularly pictured with multiple arms on each side! More forgetfulness reared its head when I tried to take my helment off to turn it in and couldn’t figure out why it seemed attached to my head…till I remembered that I had taken out my headphones and left them to dangle…and tangle, it seemed.

Unfortunately Ben had to leave early on Sunday because he didn’t have enough insulin with him. My worry over Ben’s trip back home brought to the forefront something else I’d forgotten…how much a deaf friend’s husband’s diabetic coma almost two years ago had shaken me to the core, and how I’d put that fear and anger and sadness aside because I interpreted a great deal at the hospital for them. Before I could get ahold of my naughty naughty subconcious, I had memories of leaving the hospital when I was done with my shift of interpreting, finally able to cry and ball up my fists and yell at God how unfair it was that my friend was having to go through this…I had memories of floods of tears related to fear for her husband and the fear associated with knowing I was probably going to be there to watch him die.

He didn’t die, and came out of the coma, but the whole experience was enough to terrify me and I’d forgotten how much until I started wondering if Ben had made it home all right. Forced forgetfulness is not always the way to go, even in my profession.

I still can’t remember the idea I had in the car.

On Renn Fests, Sofas, and the Dining Room Floor

My season with the Georgia Renaissance Festival has now come to a close. I went yesterday with all three greyhounds, but luckily we had an abundance of handlers so I spent a lot of the day dogless! I say luckily…but I admit to being a bit giddy every time I spotted one of my dogs approaching with his/her handler to be returned to me.

I actually saw a Lost Boys show yesterday…from the back, admittedly, with Profile in tow, but it was a great show. The Boys never cease to amaze me with the amount of dedication they put into each performance, and how much they obviously love what they do.

Hunk has been on his favorite sofa almost non-stop since we got home. I love Susan and Dave’s red sofa, and actually fell asleep on it for a bit last night. Despite the fact that it occasionally seems as though it wants to swallow me (lots of pillows), it’s definitely mine and Hunky’s favorite place to be while visiting Unka Dave and Aunt Susan.

Jeany’s favorite place to be this weekend seems to be their dining room…especially when she really needs to go out. Dave and Susan’s friend Ben was visiting this weekend as well, and he was unfortunately awakened when Jeany decided to break the rules and use the dining room as her own personal facilities. Could I have been a more proud Momma? If I ever bring Daiz down here after she retires I’m probably going to be so nervous I’ll keep her leashed to me the entire time we’re visiting.

I’m really going to miss coming down here. I don’t get to spend near enough time with my family, and when I do, it’s usually Mom and Daddy just because they are closer. It’s also hard to get together with Susan and Dave because of their work schedules…weekends are work time for them. I am really lucky to have a sister and brother-in-law that will not only put up with me bringing my dogs into their pet-free home weekend after weekend but also will let the other members of my renn fest group come along and bring THEIR dogs! Thanks, Unka Dave and Aunt Sooz. You rule.

Happy Easter! Pass the Febreeze, please?

Today marks the last day of our mini-vacation/first weekend of the Georgia Renaissance festival/invasion of my sister’s house. I have been puppy sitting as well as visiting and serving as the director of the HOEF, and it’s been very interesting. I have kept Simon before but at MY house…I’ve never traveled with him before now.

The dogs and I headed out Friday afternoon about 5:30 on our journey with a brief stopover in Six Mile to pick up Simon. Six Mile is a small town near Clemson, and there is no fast way to get there (as is true for many small towns in South Carolina). While Simon was happy to see visitors and even happier to sniff my dogs, his long time buddies, when it came time to get in the car he wasn’t having any of it. I ended up lifting him into the car and coming away with more fur on ME than he had on him I think…

The ride to Atlanta was fine. There were only a few GRRRS and of course they happened when I was on the phone with my mother, giving her more reason to think that my dogs are dangerous. I’m telling you, the only dangerous thing about the furry head currently pressed up against my leg on the sofa is what happens if he eats anything with soy in it…see previous post about Unka Dave’s nose.

Thursday night went well, better than I thought it would. The four dogs and I shuffled off into the guest room at about 1am and once I got them placed on beds I didn’t hear another peep out of them till morning. Susan had a Good Friday service during the day Friday so Dave and I went to get me third leather leash for the festival Saturday and left the dogs here. They did SO well…except for the gas.

Holy geezominey, I’d forgotten just what “grain-fed” farts smell like. My word! Febreeze!!!

Friday night I decided that Hunky’s foot was just not ready to handle the gravel at GARF (and that since some of the folks I thought were coming didn’t), so I would just go over and make sure that my new folks were set and ready to go and then I’d come back to Dave and Susan’s. I took Simon and Jeany with me, and at one point opened the back window of the Hounda so that the folks could meet them. “Won’t they jump out?” Doug says. “Oh no,” I respond, the confident face of a long time dog owner shining. “Jeany doesn’t like to get out if it’s dirty and Simon barely got in the car, I don’t think he’d jump out with the tail gate up.”

Then I turned away from the car, and suddenly became wrong.

Luckily Doug caught the flying brindle blur that swept past my right ear and landed, ever so gracefully, with his nose in the heinder of Doug’s pretty little brindle girl.

I got back to Dave and Susan’s and Dave and I ran over to Cokesbury, a store I remember going to as a child…it’s a kind of a supply store for clergy. After that, we met his friend Ben for lunch in East Atlanta at a bar/pub called The Earl. Best grilled cheese I’ve had in a while…and Dave and Ben just kept me laughing the entire time.

Today is Easter, and this morning the hounds woke me up around 8:30. I took them out and fixed their breakfast. By the way, if you feed raw, there really is no substitute for it. Kibbles that don’t have grains in them have other FAR MORE STINKY things in them to bind the ingredients together. And if you think they are stinky going in… Pass the Febreeze. After they ate, they sort of scattered as I was rinsing out the dishes so I went looking…and found that our visiting hound, Simon, had made a little bit of a mess…in mulitple rooms of the house as well as perfuming Susan and Dave’s room. I should own stock in Febreeze.

We’re heading for home after lunch with a brief stop in Six Mile to leave Simon. Next weekend we’ll do it all over again, but this time without the fourth pupper and definitely without the kibble. I’m thinking I should bring them a bottle of Febreeze, though, just in case…