Ignite: Tales of the Forest War, Book One

In the beginning, the World was alone – discover the history of Orana in the Tales of the Forest Wars, Volumes One and Two.

T HE WORLD WAS ALONE – AND THEN THE DRAGONS CAME. “The humans have named them dragons, but I do not think that they have ever seen that many. They are the children of one of us, not created by your work at all but by Kaerinth, the Progenitor. She is the mother of all of those you see now, and has until now only come above ground to find food for her many young.” Orana felt that Rumerus was concerned. “Is this a bad thing?” she asked, worried. “It may be,” he said. “Dragonkind could go the way of the dark elves, shunning relations with the rest of the races. Or they could live with and among them. Only time will tell, I’m afraid.” Travel back in time two centuries before the events of the Nature Walker Trilogy to a time when dragons roamed Orana and the Mother Dragon, Kaerinth, worried that her children did not have the room to thrive and grow, confined to the Volcanic Mountains. The oncoming war makes unlikely comrades at arms, as the Great Forest bands together to make a stand against her. Discover the origin of the Guardians – within Scorch: Tales of the Forest War Volume Two, coming soon. Ignite launches 31 August 2019.


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