Guardian: Rise of the Nature Walker

WHEN THE FATE OF THE WORLD IS AT STAKE, THE GUARDIANS SHALL RISE. Return to Orana in Guardian, the final chapter in the Nature Walker trilogy.

 The Royal House of Clawsharp has been threatened. The fate of Qatu’anari and indeed, all of Orana, hangs in the balance. Loyalty is stretched thin and alliances are at the breaking point. Ancient foes have broken free of their cursed prisons. The world is in more dire need of the Guardians than ever before. But will the prophecy come true? Will they rise to save the world in its time of desperate need? After all that she has endured to this point, does Gin have the strength and determination to take up the mantle of the Nature Walker, as prophecy says she must, in order to save the world and those she loves? Or will the past prove to be too much to overcome, not only for Gin, but for the rest of the Fabled Ones?


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