18-22 March, 2019

Wanderer is free on Kindle this week! Get started with the Nature Walker Trilogy!!

24 October

Nancy has been working hard on the story of Orana, set in the time of the Forest War. It is in edits now and is due out after the first of the year in 2019. Watch this space for more info!


7 August

Guardian is now $.99 in the Amazon Kindle Store! You can get the complete Nature Walker Trilogy for less than $3.00.


31 July

Camp Nanowrimo ends today and the latest Orana novel will be in the first can – not the editing can, though, that is still to come. The plan is that this book will be ready for release next summer, so stay tuned here for more information. In the meantime, we are looking forward still to the new series, The Baskervilles, due out this fall, and the next Orana novels that will hopefully be out after the first of the year. Watch this space!


15 June

The new edition of Wanderer with the snazzy cover art is now available for purchase in paperback! If you have the Kindle version you can also get the new cover art by making sure you have the most recent version of the book in your device. It’s so pretty! Go check it out on the Orana Chronicles page here on the site if you haven’t seen it.


8 June

Y’all, due to the fact that I CAN’T READ FINE PRINT, Guardian (the third book in the Nature Walker Trilogy) is now open for pre-order on Amazon for Kindle, and will launch officially on Monday, 11 June! Go reserve your copy today, and remember that Guardian (just like all of my books) is available to read for free with enrollment in Kindle Unlimited. Yay!!!


27 April

Thank you to everyone that managed to grab a free copy of Wanderer at the end of last month! I’m currently working on a new novel series, completely outside of Orana, and the first of which should be available around the first of October. Watch this space for more information on The Baskervilles!


25 March

Wanderer is currently free on Amazon! Get stuck into this trilogy from the beginning! Get your free ebook copy from now until 31 March!


16 March

Had a chance to grab your copy of Tempest either on Kindle or in paperback yet? No? It is your lucky day – if you read your books on Kindle, anyway. Starting tomorrow, 17 March, Tempest will be $.99 until 20 March when it goes up to $1.99 before returning to its current price of $2.99 on the 24th. Wanderer is currently $.99 so you could get both of them for less than the normal price of one! Also, you’d have a great read for your Spring Break getaway. What are you waiting for?

2 March 2018

Happy March! Tempest is now available in paperback on Amazon, so if that is your favorite way to enjoy a good read, grab your copy today.

28 February 2018

The wait is over! Tempest launches TODAY in the Amazon Kindle Store. Grab your copy today for $2.99.

12 February 2018

Clobberpaws is now available on Amazon for FREE! Now through 15 February, you can pick up a Kindle copy of the first chapter of Bryn’s story for free!

9 February 2018

Wanderer: Origin of the Nature Walker is now available on Amazon for $.99!  (Link is to but check out your country’s Amazon page for this deal as well.)

3 February 2018

Amazon US is advertising the first two books Nature Walker Trilogy as a bundle! Click here to get Wanderer and preorder Tempest for $5!