Just popping back in for a sec…

Tower of London by Nancy Dunne

1. We are getting our fence today. Hallelujah!
2. I’m not at all motivated to be at work, other than to be up and doing something. Although, if there was a job opening for Sit on Couch and Watch Telly All Day, I would be the girl for the job.
3. The Quest continues. Fingers are crossed. That is all.
4. Yes, I’m being intentionally vague.
5. Yes, my listmaking this morning is inspired by my dear friend Liz’s blog from last August.
6. I want a Keurig for my office so that I can brew only apple cider all day long.
7. Having just stopped to think what that much of a fibre-filled fruit would do, I think I’m better off with a kettle and Yorks Tea.
8. I need more Yorks Tea.
9. Three day work weeks not only rock but should be the standard.
10. Guess I should get some work done…

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