Desperately Seeking…His Family.


So this adorable little character turned up at the house where I’m currently staying with my friends (East North Street/Stone Avenue area of Greenville, SC) about two weeks ago. He had no tags, no collar, and no microchip when he arrived (the collar in the photo belongs to my roommates). He is young, probably right around a year old if that old. He is intact. He CLEARLY was living with someone as he is well fed and appears healthy. His teeth will blind you if you catch him smiling into the sun, they are just that white.
Does he belong to you? Do you know of anyone looking for their pup? He is a sweet dog, really, but probably would be better as an only dog. He is probably a foot and a half tall at the most. We are guessing that he is a black and tan Jack Russell Terrier mix…mostly JRT but his head is a bit wide to be full JRT. He minds fairly well, and seems pretty clever. We are afraid that someone has just turned him out, which makes me VERY stabby, because he is all but terrified to NOT be allowed in the house. 
We’ve started calling him Mouse because when his ears are turned back he looks like Mighty Mouse, but he doesn’t answer to it. We also call him Little Bit, Little One, Shawty (that’s my addition), Short Stuff, and Hey You, so he isn’t locked into the name Mouse. Contact me here at the Lettuce or through the other usual social media suspects if you think you know this little guy…or you’d like to get to know him. 

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