Forward Motion…

Clown Reaches the Beach
Originally uploaded by Nancy Dunne

So if you care to find me…look to the Western sky…as someone told me lately: “Everyone deserves a chance to fly…”

(lyrics from “Defying Gravity” from the musical “WICKED.” Or from Glee. Take your pick.)

Well, I can’t say too much, loyal Lettuce-Heads, because what you put out on the “tinterweb” is permanent and forever, but my situation is in a bit of flux at the moment.

I know! Again! Right?

Changes are afoot, and my situation has gone from semi-almost-stable to completely on the other foot in a matter of a week. But never fear, I think the impending change is a good one, and I’m crossing everything I can that all turns out as it should.

Confused? Yeah, me too. But I find that when things get weird, I can just look at that beautiful boy in the photo there and things will get all right-ish riteawayquik. Well, for now I’m just looking at a photo of him, but tomorrow night I’ll get to start a whole weekend of Clown Goodness, and that’s definitely got me smiling.

Don’t worry, those five or six of you that are now on tenterhooks to know what the change is and what is coming up next for those of us here at the Lettuce. Your wait will not be long nor in vain. In the meantime, though, here’s something to bounce around and label me insane for: Next month is a new Nanowrimo, and I’m itching to get started!

Catch you guys after the CRF opening weekend…come see us if you’re in the area!

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