Things I Have Learned This Holiday…

1. It IS possible to do two consecutive NaNoWriMo events, win them both, and not lose your mind. The quality of the product remains to be judged, however. (Proud Racer: An American Greyhound in Yorkshire is due out this month!!!)

2. I’m not entirely sure that Delta knows the difference between vegetarian and vegan. I’m also not sure that I know the difference between vegetarian and Doesn’t Eat Meat.

3. The exit row is only good if you’ve got the aisle seat OR an extra layer of whale-like blubber to insulate you from the COLD exit row door.

4 .I could win a gold medal if whinging was an Olympic sport.

5. I love the UK but I do not love where we lived in Keighley. My homesickness for the UK is genuine. I love the culture (for the most part, yobs and chavs not included) and the history and the people (see above yob/chav disclaimer) but I let the negative aspects of my immediate situation ruin a fantastic growth opportunity.

6. I have good friends that I love dearly in the US and the UK.

7. If you look crazy/jet-lagged enough, the BILO employees will let you use that store’s Bonuscard account at the till.

8. It will not kill you to listen to the same two songs on repeat as you are stuck in traffic just outside of Charlotte.

9. The staff at Manchester Airport are the nicest airport staff I’ve ever dealt with, bar none.

10. I don’t care where I end up living, as long as Simon and my animals are within arm’s reach.

(PS-Hello, Jet Lag. Don’t make yourself too comfortable, I’d like you gone as soon as possible.)

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