Happy Birthday to my Favorite Girl

Pretty Daisy
Originally uploaded by Nancy Dunne

Seven years ago today, I was huddled around a computer with loads of other people “watching” as a litter of greyhound puppies were being born. It was suggested that, since the litter was an “oops” one (not a planned breeding) the first girl be named Oopsie Daisy.

Those seven years have been amazing. I have watched that tiny puppy grow into an amazingly beautiful dog, with a personality that you can’t help adoring. She is my angel, my PPG (psycho puppy girl), my sweet Mei-Mei (precious little girl in Firefly-Chinese).

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl. I’ll see you on Tuesday! (insert me dancing like a mad fool here) And happy birthday to the other Leelo Babies: Hallie Jalapeno, Sophie Angel Sox, Casey, Dodger, Windy Bear and Bonnie Boo. I for one am overjoyed and thankful that all of you were born…but especially my Mei-Mei.

(Special tip of the hat to Adam whom I’m sure is watching from up there and swearing that their birthday isn’t until the 14th…Cheers, Adam!)

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