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So y’all know what I do for a living, right? What you may not know is that there is a certain amount of OTT confidentiality involved in what I do…to the point that some interpreters will not tell their spouses where they will be working during the day, etc. I’m not quite to that point, but you’ll excuse me if I am a bit vague in this post. But it just HAD to be blogged…

So I was working at Somewhere today with Someone Who Is Deaf and some other Someones Who Are Hearing, right? One of the Someones Who Are Hearing (I’m gonna get SO tired of typing that before this is done) reached over suddenly and picked a small insect off the shirt of Someone Who Is Deaf, making the excuse that it might bite that Someone Who Is Deaf.

In the chaos that followed, the cutest little green-backed beetle-bug ended up crawling on my knee. Now, if you’re an interpreting student, I want you to promise me that you will never do what I did next. If you’re from RID, I want you to stop reading now. Seriously.

Anyway, Beetle-Bug on my knee…right. After making sure that Someone Who Is Deaf was okay with it, I put my fingers close to Mr. BB to see if he would crawl up onto it with a view to flinging him to the far side of the room, away from Someone Who Is Hearing who was rapidly turning into Someone Who Would Soon Be Hyperventilating at the sight of Mr. BB. As bugs tend to be, this one was just contrary enough to NOT want to climb up onto my finger. The Someone Who Was Hearing on the other side of me offered, “Would you like me to get it?”

What does that mean to you? To me, it meant do the same thing I was trying to do but successfully, using the yellow legal pad that Someone had in his/her hand. I think you can probably see where this story is going now, can’t you?

Other Someone Who Is Hearing smacked the living daylights (not to mention the stuffing) out of my knee and poor Mr. Beetle-Bug. I still have the residue on my trousers to prove it. Before I caught myself, I said (and signed) “Well, that’s not at all what I thought you were going to do!”

I mean seriously!! Who smushes a cute little Beetle-Bug? Poor thing never had a chance…and now I have Beetle Bug on my good work trousers.

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  1. Poor bug! I have been known to block sidewalk traffic to, number one, first take a picture with my BlackBerry camera of the blocking bug and/or moth before, number two, ceremoniously escorting her to safety on the grass…And and your poor pants…errrrr…I mean trousers! What didya do with your beetle bug trousers?Prevail~Goddess Lynne

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