Okay, for the last time…

1. I’ve started calling it a lift. Deal with it.

2. I’m going to use British words sometimes instead of American ones. If you understand what I said, why do you feel the need to correct me? It really makes NO sense.

3. I just spent two years of my life over there. Some things are going to rub off. They may or may not go away after I’ve been here awhile.

4. Just so you know, laughing at how Simon pronounces things, unless you’re me and allowed (because he can laugh at my pronunciation) is rude. End of. Yes, I realise it’s a double-standard. I don’t care.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled mocking. (It’s been one of those days…)

2 thoughts on “Okay, for the last time…”

  1. I get that shiz all the time when I return home to Conyers for a holiday (oh, sorry? what? It's a vacation – of *course*..) People think I'm trying to sound posh or better than they are, which is ridiculous!Uh – I've lived in another country for 11 years.. I think I'm allowed to call it a friggin' bin instead of a trash can. I've *earned* that right and hey – it's a trash can, a common noun.Just like it's a sweater, a vacation, the mail, trash, teevee, etc. Bah – tell whoever is judging you to stick it up their jumper.

  2. I do think that the growing horror and confusion on your face was AWEsome as I described how I change into the “pants” I keep in my car for jail-esque gigs…I had no idea I should have said “trousers” or “slacks.”No matter! I LIKE the different pronunciations…perhaps cuz I’m an INTERPRETATOR!And I shall forthwith and here on out refer to elevators as “lifts”!To infinity and beyond! (Wartingo!)Prevail~Goddess Lynne

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