New Month, New Camp NaNoWriMo

End of RID IKEA run
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I know, I just won, I should still be basking, right? NOT. Have you met me? Insanity, thy name is Nancy.

This month’s WIP (that’s Work In Progress, see, I do pay attention sometimes Dr. Tom!) is a little diddy I like to call “Proud Racer: An American Greyhound in Yorkshire” and it’s Daisy’s recounting of her two years in Keighley…well, sort of, it’s really her take on the times that she got to GO on the TRAIN for a WALK somewhere. She’s a well traveled girl though…and hopefully there will be room in the back for pictures of her adventures. The title may change…Daisy’s Adventures in Yorkshire doesn’t grab me and OI! was too short, though I’m sure that’s the word she’s heard most often over there.

Right, so I’m blogging about writing while not writing…but I’ve hit my goal for the day and everything else I write (over there, not here) is just gravy. Fingers crossed I can get this one done and dusted and off to Lulu for publishing prior to Beach Bound Hounds next month.

NEXT MONTH! Good Lord. I’m gonna need a lot of Crystal Light and Goldfish crackers.

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