First Week Done and Dusted

So I’m sitting in a hotel room in Jacksonville, Florida, and I don’t know if I’ve ever been this tired. Sandy Paws 2011 is over, and we have moved on to the Follow That Hound After Party portion of the holiday. Tomorrow morning some of our folks are headed to the track to tour the kennel, and I will be here, playing dog-nanny to six greyhounds.

Six greyhounds that aren’t my own, mind you. Six greyhounds that aren’t my Daisy, more importantly. I think if we were to end up in the UK for another year, I would skip this annual event because it’s just too hard to be here without her.

Anyway, moving on…Leah and I were discussing Sandy Paws 2011, and I think that part of why I’m so tired is that every year Sandy Paws barrels along at a frantic pace for me. It’s the same basic formula as other greyhound events, really. You have a schedule of seminars and other activities focused on living with retired racing/AKC greyhounds. You have social events. You have vendors. You have auctions and raffles. But somehow, Sandy Paws always seems to zip past with me hanging on for dear life. When you’ve come 4,000 miles for an event, zipping is not a good thing.

The photo above is pretty representative of my vacation so far. There’s a wind whipping all around me in that picture, and I feel like there’s a metaphorical wind whipping up as well. People are tired. Tempers are short. I love seeing my friends and getting to spend a week with my best friend is just awesome. But the stress? The drama? Yeah, y’all can just keep that part.

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