All Together Now…

proud racer cover
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“The entire Proud Racer series (One Greyhound’s Journey, A Tail of Two Brothers, Blind Faith, and Half Crazy) is now together in one volume: The Complete Proud Racer! As told from the perspectives of the greyhounds, follow Hunk as he leaves his athletic career behind and becomes a pet in One Greyhound’s Journey and A Tail of Two Brothers…will he be reunited with his littermate Marky? In Blind Faith, available for the first time with, meet Shotgun Liz, a fiesty old greyhound lady whose faith leads her not only to a new home with new friends, but possibly back to the old friends from home. Finally, in Half Crazy, follow the newest pack member, Daisy, as she learns the ropes at Home…with the help of a former pack member turned angel. This series is sure to delight both those who share their lives with greyhounds and those who don’t…yet.”

I have my copy in hand now…and I hope that wherever he is my Hunky-man is happy with seeing his beautiful face on the cover of this new book…yet another way for me to tell his story. Thanks for looking, y’all…and thanks even more if you buy one!

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