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Mills loves the gas fire…
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There’s not a lot to report here at the Lettuce. Work continues as whateverisnormal for where I work. The house continues to not only NOT sell but NOT attract any potential buyers. Daisy continues to need a place to run full tilt and I continue to not have any options in that department. The weather continues to be weird and ever so chilly, and Mills continues to worship at the Gas Fire Altar most nights when I can sneak in and light it.

And speaking of the weather, one thing that seems to not be continuing is the ban on flights in and out of UK airspace…well, down south anyway. I think airports in my end of the country have been open since sometime yesterday, but I wouldn’t swear to that. However, since the majority of the flights come through the London airports, that’s what is getting the media attention.

Sorry, I need to take a second to remove my tongue from my cheek. It’s painful.

There are lots of things that I just don’t get about British/European life, but this week’s drama with the airlines over the volcanic ash that grounded flights has me puzzled on many fronts, not the least of which being the overwhelming amount of whinging going on on television, radio and newspapers from people whose flights are grounded.

Oh, sorry, whinging=whining.

Really? I get that it’s a first class pain when your travel plans are interrupted…when I lived in West Virginia for that one LONG year, there were plenty of times that I had to re-arrange my plans because there were no planes going anywhere near Charleston’s airport (usually if someone suspected that there was a vague notion that there could possibly be something that slightly resembled frozen precipitation). But at the same time, I’m so very attached to the fact that I’m still alive that I had to be okay with the cancellations and delays. Give me stuck in an airport over dead next to a smoking pile of melted airplane engine any day.

Another bit that I don’t get is the fact that UK travellers are being “rescued” from places that are accessible by train or car, but not from places that are, let’s say, across an ocean like the US. It isn’t the “why aren’t they getting folks onto boats from the US, etc., and back to the UK” part I don’t get…boat=slow, I got that part. But why are we sending boats to Spain? Isn’t it connected by rail to France, which is further connected to the UK by train and ferry?

I know that on some level I should keep my mouth shut on this because I’m not stranded anywhere and none of my plans were disrupted by the volcano. (But now that I mention it, why doesn’t this happen when I’m on holiday in the states?) But that leads me to the third thing I don’t get…why has there been little to no coverage of what’s going on in Iceland as a result of this major occurance? Are there people near the volcano who have lost lives or family or homes due to the eruption? Why are we so quick to worry about our flights and to forget, almost, that the volcano has possibly affected others in far more critical ways?

Much to ponder. I think I’ll go turn on the fire.

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