Well, it is Friday after all…

This month has been a time of great retrospection in the Dunne household. On 2nd April we celebrated Mills and Daisy’s “Daddy Gotcha Day,” marking one year from the day when a van pulled up behind our house and deposited four crates with a new pet owner. We wished that H and J were here with us to celebrate and talked about our favourite memories.

On 8th April we celebrated the one year anniversary of my arrival in Keighley, as well as the fact that even if we HAD a car, I could no longer drive legally on my American driver’s license. We remembered how I had four checked bags and two pieces of hand luggage, and yet somehow made it from baggage claim to Lou’s awaiting car without any of it falling off the trolley. Say what you will, but I am in possession of mad stacking skillz when it comes to luggage.

On 10th April we were quiet and remembered that it had now been a full year since our Jeany Bean left us. We again missed her, wished that she was still with us, and told our favourite stories. There was the one about how many times Simon would spoon feed her water, or the look she would give me when I dared bring her food she didn’t like. We reminded Daisy of how she would run up to Jeany in the early days of their relationship, happy and bouncy, only to be backed up by the mere lifting of Jeany’s lip.

Soon it will be time to wish my sister a happy…birthday (I won’t say how old she is because then the addition of 5 to find how old I’ll be on MY birthday would be just too easy, now wouldn’t it?) and again to remember my Bean on the same day, for her Gotcha Day was Susan’s birthday.

But for now, it’s just Friday. The house hasn’t sold. My rail pass has expired. We’re going shopping tonight and to Nando’s in Leeds for dinner after. Daisy is fine, Mills is sassy, and Simon and I are still crossing all appropriate appendages that we’ll soon be announcing the countdown to a new Baby Dunne.

Life’s not so bad on this Friday. And tomorrow, we’ll go to the chippy in the picture there, and we’ll do our grocery shopping and all that happens on weekends here in Keighley. Happy weekend, y’all.

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