In Which Nancy DOESN’T Watch Where She’s Walking

It was a Saturday morning just like any other in the UK…Cold, dreary, and potentially rainy. Simon and I bundled up Daisy in her coat (thank you, Rebecca and Dave!) and then bundled up ourselves and headed out to the post office to retrieve our Christmas cards that had arrived. We headed for Oakworth Road post office which requires a walk through the park, nothing really earthshaking.

Then I saw them…we were almost to the park and I saw a gorgeous Alsatian and another bull terrier type dog and somehow forgot my own clumsiness and lack of walking ability. I had just said to Simon that the Alsatian was lovely and “ooh look there’s another one too!” when my toe struck the curb rather than cleared it. Next thing I remember is being on my hands and knees on the pavement, left palm stinging and both knees on fire. Bless him, Simon was very concerned and was trying to help me get up, and all I could do was hiss at him that I was fine and could we keep moving please?

Luckily, when I “went straight over like a stone,” (Simon’s account of my swan dive onto the pavement) I didn’t let go of Daisy’s leash nor did I fall on her. I should really not be allowed out of the house. We managed to pick up the Christmas cards and get back home, and all I have to show for my adventure is a scraped and bruised left hand, some bruises on my right knee, and a stiff-legged walk that could only be made more pitiful by a walker or a cane.

At least I wasn’t having to figure out which way the traffic was coming at the same time or I might have a concussion as well.

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