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Just wanted to let you guys know about an exciting new blog I’m working with called Touring Old Blighty. I’m one of the collaborating authors and focus on both the UK as seen by an American expat AND pet friendly travel in the UK. I’m very excited to have the opportunity, but promise not to forget you, my 5-10 Loyal Lettuce Readers.

You have a title now. Please feel free to use it in social situations and put it on business cards. Folks will be impressed, I’m sure of it.

My insomnia continues, and tonight I’m pondering something that we got at the grocery store today…squash. Not the veggie that is oh-so frequently present in “seasonal vegetables” served alongside a main entree at a chain restaurant, nor the strange game that looks like tennis gone mad. I’m talking about fruit juice that is so highly concentrated that you can add, according to my husband, a capful to water and PRESTO you’ve got orange juice (or whatever kind of squash you prefer, I chose the orange over Strawberry/Kiwi or Apple/ Blackcurrant).

Fellow expats, British readers, and basically anyone that’s tried this super duper non-refrigerated alternative to good old orange juice…answer me this: is it going to taste like Tang? It smells a bit like Tang. Not that I have anything against Tang, it’s served our astronauts and millions of kids in 1970’s America well. But it’s not orange juice, regardless of the pulp level or brand name.

I think it’s time to try to sleep, don’t you?

2 thoughts on “New Foray into Expat Nerdiness”

  1. Squash isn't juice.. no nutritional value whatsoever. It can be tasty though – I went through a phase of liking the apple version quite a bit. Tastes like green apple Jolly Ranchers.

  2. I tried the orange last night. Tang. Simon told me that he and others he knows have had it WARM when they have a head cold and it's quite soothing. BLEH.

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